The UCI is in the process of sorting the chaff from the oats. In previous years there has been a “one point rule” – if you gained one UCI point somewhere along the calendar year…

The UCI is in the process of sorting the chaff from the oats. In previous years there has been a “one point rule” – if you gained one UCI point somewhere along the calendar year then you were restricted to riding Elite (as different from Challenge Classes) for all UCI events for the rest of the calendar year.

Effectively this meant that if you earnt a UCI point at Nerang (our National Series [Chambikx/Probikx UCI] are C1 events so effectively they are International events) – then you had to ride the worlds as an Elite.
From Jan 1 2017 this rule has changed.

The simple but major change is that: “If you enter an international UCI event (something on their calendar) as an Elite/Junior Elite, then you are an Elite/Junior Elite for the rest of the calendar year.”

The other way of thinking about this is: UCI expect that you will choose to be a “Challenge” or “Championship” class rider for the calendar year – and will keep you to your choice until 31 December when you can make a choice again.

What does this mean in plain English for our Elite/Junior Elite riders?

By entering Elite/Junior at any of our UCI events (National Series, Continental Championships, Australian Titles), you are effectively declaring yourself an “Elite/Junior Elite” Rider until 31 December.

Now some might read this and think – no big deal. However there are a few ramifications that all riders need to think about:

  1. If you enter in Elite/Junior Elite at Nerang (C1), Shepparton (C1), Bathurst (C1, CC), Cairns (C1) or the Australian Titles at Sleeman (CN) then you can’t ride the worlds as a “Challenge” (age) rider.
  2. If you enter in Elite/Junior Elite at any of the C1/CC events this year (Nerang, Shepparton, Bathurst, Cairns) then you can’t enter the Australian Titles as a “Challenge” (age) rider.
  3. The Aussies are open for Elites but for the Worlds however it’s not quite the same. The UCI limits the number of Elite/Junior Elite riders into the worlds based on a country’s ranking. You “may/may not” make it to the worlds as an Elite/Junior Elite rider – and if you have ridden any of the events in points 1 or 2 above you can’t ride the worlds as a “Challenge” (age) class rider.
  4. There are limited places on the Australian team. CA/BMXA are working together to try and release the qualification criteria as quickly as possible, but until that comes out the rough (approximate) guideline is:
    Elite Men: 5
    Elite Women: 5
    Junior Men: 6
    Junior Women: 5

Now this may change slightly, but not a great deal.

So why is this important right now?

Riders have entered the Nerang round of the National Series (C1) already. If you were thinking you might just have a go at the National Series in Elite, but drop back to age for the Aussies or Worlds (and we know a lot of people will want to go to Rock Hill this year), then you need to think carefully about the UCI rules.
If you enter the Elite classes at Nerang you are a Championship rider until 31 December 2017.

We recognise that most of our aspiring Elite/Junior Elite riders probably know all this stuff already, but there is bound to be people who are unaware of the ramifications of entering this event as an Elite. BMXA will, up until close of registration/confirmation at the Nerang C1 event, allow riders to change out of Elite/Junior into their age category if they don’t wish to go down the elite path. We won’t be doing this for other C1 events – just this one because it’s late in the day and just maybe, you didn’t know.
Here’s the sting in the tail – if you enter age (Challenge) class at Nerang you stay in that stream for the rest of the year. To put it simply there is no swapping between Challenge and Championship throughout the year.

All riders 17 and over who have entered Nerang will receive notification of this. However that doesn’t necessarily mean they will read it.

So if you know an Elite/Junior/17-24/25-29 rider who is entered for Nerang please do both them and us a favour and make sure they know about this.

There are bound to be a few questions, so if any do arise please call the BMXA office on (02) 9008 1300 (9-5 Sydney time) and be nice, it’s not the staff or the board or in fact anyone in BMXA who has made this decision, this is our friends at the UCI. It’s our job to uphold their rules for our country.