International Travel

BMX Australia International Travel Insurance 

BMX Australia is pleased to offer our members an ‘international add on’ component to their existing membership for international event travel which includes sports injury and travel insurance coverage at race meetings outside of Australia.

The insurance component includes, among other things, members of BMX Australia travelling internationally where a journey begins and ends in Australia up to a maximum of 180 Days (6 months). This policy also includes training, competition BMX and any associated holiday travel or overseas leisure.

This additional benefit is available now through the BMX Australia office. To be eligible for this benefit the following must apply;

  • Trip must start and end in Australia
  • BMX Australia must approve the purpose of travel (i.e training camp or event you are participating in overseas)
  • Applicants must be Australian residents and have access to claim Australian Medicare.
  • Be a current BMX Australia member at time of time and during.

All Countries (except USA / North America)
14 Days – $150
1 Month – $250
2 Months – $350
3 Months – $450

USA / North America
14 Days – $300
1 Month – $400
2 Months – $500
3 Months – $600

Please note:  A month is seen as 30 days.

Click Here to download the BMXA International Insurance Application
Form. Once completed, please send it to 

 For the BMX Travel Insurance Brochure and Full PDS, please click here

Any rider requiring insurance for more than 3 months, please contact BMXA.

International Licence

In accordance with international rules, to race in Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) events around the world, BMX Australia members must have a current International Licence.

To obtain an International Licence, a member must first be a member of Cycling Australia (which can be completed on the same form)

Applications must be submitted to Cycling Australia one month prior to departure. If the application is received 2 weeks or less from the date of departure, a late fee will be payable.

For information on applying for an international licence please click here.

For further information on international licences/travel insurance please email .

Racing over in New Zealand?

If you are thinking of riding in New Zealand, BMX New Zealand have made it simple. Please see the below information:

Open to all current challenge class licenced riders of BMX Australia, as BMXA and BMXNZ have a reciprocal agreement to allow members to ride between countries.
To Apply –  Click Here
If you have any questions, please contact for BMX New Zealand events.