BMX Australia is constantly accrediting its coaches which includes making sure all of their screenings are in order, make sure your coach is one of them!

Seeing your children jumping on their bikes and hitting the track full of enthusiasm is an equally exhilarating and exciting experience for a parent as it is their child.

Even better, is when there is a qualified coach to mentor and look after the riders on track to make sure that they stay safe, secure and are being taught the right skills for their riding level.

BMX Australia has a comprehensive coaching education structure that is aimed at training and accrediting coaches at all levels so they can support, nurture and develop BMX riders. It’s a way to improve the skills of our riders across the board.

Those that put their hand up to coach are supported by the BMXA coaching pathway, which not only helps them develop their skills as a coach. It also provides training in regards to duty of care and requires individuals to have a valid Working With Children Check and First Aid certificate.

So why is it important to check if your coach is accredited?

If you’re spending time and money on the sport of BMX, we want all our riders to be receiving the most up-to-date coaching information, from a coach who has valid checks and certifications, and importantly a valid First Aid certificate.

To find out if your coach is accredited, us the BMX Australia App, which has a full list of accredited coaches! You can also renew your membership, access online entries and check out results on the App.

For information on coaching, CLICK HERE.