A reminder that BMX Australia are set up with the NSW Government’s ‘Active Kids’ initiative, which may be used to assist participation and membership costs of sports, fitness and active recreation activities.

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The NSW Government created the ‘Active Kids’ initiative in 2018, with the goal of the program to assist parents, guardians and carers with costs associated with sports and active recreation for school children.

Since its inception, the state government has upped the benefit with the program now providing two $100 vouchers per calendar year, voucher one is valid January to December and voucher 2 is valid July to December. However, the vouchers cannot be merged.

For all details about the program – CLICK HERE

The Western Advocate reported that the NSW Government’s Active Kids program is expecting to attract even more families this year with over a million vouchers created last year.

You can read more about the growth of the program HERE 

To be eligible for the NSW ‘Active Kids’ program, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must reside in NSW; and
  • Children must be aged between 4.5 and 18-years-old; and
  • enrolled in school (from Kindergarten to Year 12, including those who are home-schooled or enrolled in secondary school education at TAFE NSW)
  • Must hold a current Medicare card

BMX Australia encourages all eligible families to apply for this assistance.

For details on how existing and NEW members can use Active Kids with their membership, please see the below guide:

  1. Apply for the voucher – CLICK HERE!
  2. Once successful, you will receive an email with voucher information and in that email it will have a “Voucher Number”
  3. You will then need to login to your BMXA Account, to login CLICK HERE (New members can register for an account at this point)
  4. Once logged in, go to “My Membership” and click on either “Upgrade” or “Renew” depending on your current membership/new membership.
  5. Follow the prompts up to the “Payment” page and there will be a section to enter the voucher called “Active Kids Voucher Number”. Please enter your voucher number here.
  6. Once you have entered the voucher, click “Validate Voucher” and if successful, the voucher will be applied and $100.00 will be taken off the full amount.

For the remaining amount, this will need to be paid via a MasterCard or Visa.

Once the payment has gone through, the membership is valid and you should receive a receipt to your email address.


  • If the membership and/or participation fees for an activity are more than $100, you will be required to pay the difference.
  • If the membership and/or participation fees are less than $100 for an activity then the balance will be forfeited.
  • The balance is not redeemable in cash or towards the membership and/or participation fees for another activity.
  • The voucher can only be used for the named person and can only be used once.
  • If you have any questions or wish to get in-touch with BMX Australia, please contact 02 9008 1300.