“The rule change to the superclass age limit was good and bad… but it’s given me a great chance to prepare myself for the big jump I’ll be taking next year, and I can’t wait!”

Happy Valley’s Joel Marsh is ready for another year on the bike and in particular, his long-awaited debut in the superclass category.

The rising South Australian has had a mixed run of results in 2019, coming down at the nationals in Shepparton as well as the worlds in Belgium.

But the youngster has remained committed to his training and emerged through the clouds to finish on top of the 15-boy’s national series standings, after he dominated the final three rounds in Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra.

“It felt really awesome to grab the national series title,” Marsh said.

“I haven’t really had the best year crashing at nationals and worlds, but it was really relieving to win it and I was really stoked. It’s definitely my best result this year after all the hard work.”

Marsh’s debut in the superclass category had been delayed a year due to the new BMXA that had increased the age limit to 16.

This has been discussed at length throughout the BMX community and BMXA’s Luke Madill voices the reasons and benefits to this ruling – READ HERE – something that Marsh understands and appreciates.

“The rule change to the superclass age limit was good and bad… but it’s given me a great chance to prepare myself for the big jump I’ll be taking next year. I can’t wait!”

“It definitely gave me heaps of confidence having one more year in my age. There’s quite a big gap in the ages and abilities in superclass especially when a lot of them do it as their career. It’s a big step up in racing.”

But his superclass debut is finally upon the shredder and he’s eager to show his skills against the best in the business, even against his training buddy.

“I’ve been waiting quite a while for a chance to race the superclass. I’m really looking forward to lining up on the gate against so many riders that I have looked up to,” he said.

“I’m especially looking forward to racing against Shane (Rosa). We train together quite a lot and there’s always a good bit of banter between us. He always jokes with me and I like that I’m catching up to him every time we train.”

With less than two months remaining before he takes the plunge in 2020, Marsh is doing everything he can to ensure he is ready for the gates to drop and has many goals already on his list to ensure he does one better than 2019.

“My training has been going really well at the moment. I’ve got (Olympian) Brian (Kirkham) helping me and I’m pretty positive I can do well,” Marsh said.

“I think my main goal next year is to get on the podium at worlds in Houston. If I keep working hard and training goes well, I reckon I can achieve it.”

Marsh is preparing for the 2019 Victorian Open State Championships at Casey BMX Club this weekend (November 22-24) and is relishing at the opportunity to add to his successes in his final bout of the year.