Southlake Illawarra BMX Club (Kai’s home BMX club) and Ace Race have come together to create the #KaiFight77 jersey, with all proceeds going to Kai to assist him with his rehabilitation.

The impact of Kai’s injury on the entire BMX community has been astounding and the support Kai and the Sakakibara family have received is incredible. One club that truly felt the impact was Kai’s home club, Southlake Illawarra.

Speaking to members at Southlake Illawarra BMX club, Kai has always been and continues to be a role model to many kids and adults. Any time that Kai attended the track, whether it be at Southlake or any track across Australia and the globe, Kai would always make time to sign an autograph, have a photo taken or just have a chat. This is what makes Kai such a humble and popular person.

The club was looking at ways to support Kai to assist him with his ongoing rehabilitation. Back in June the club had two large #KaiFight77 stickers placed on their start gate. This was greatly appreciated by Kai and his family.

However, the club wanted to do more to support Kai and were looking at ideas that were going to be unique and memorable.

Southlake Illawarra and Ace Race have come together to create a memorable #KaiFight77 jersey that represents everything Kai.

Throughout the design, the club communicated with Saya, Yuki and Martin to get their feedback and approval of the design. This was key, as the club wanted to ensure the jersey represented who Kai is.

On August 21, members from the club visited Kai with the very first jersey. When Kai was given the jersey, his reaction was unforgettable.

Kai was stunned and couldn’t believe that this was for him and said, “why would anyone want to wear a jersey with me on it?” A touching moment for all who helped bring the jersey to reality.

The #KaiFight77 Jersey will see 100% of the proceeds going to Kai to assist him with his ongoing rehabilitation requirements, as well as to show him the love and support his community and country has for this amazing young man.

You can pre order HERE.