Elite rider and coach Alex Cameron signs his BMX career to Krankit Bike Gear.

COVER PIC: Alex Cameron signing his lifetime sponsorship with owner-operator of Krankit Bike Gear, Ross Harland. (Pic courtesy of Krankit Bike Gear Facebook page. )

There are many men like Alex Cameron throughout BMX in Australia and there also aren’t.

Riding from the age of seven, the Sydney BMX Club rider has been racing for 25 years and won two Australian elite titles. His love for BMX has never faltered and it doesn’t look like doing so after signing a lifetime sponsorship deal with Krankit Bike Gear.

His relationship with Krankit goes back even before the brand was created. Factory owner, Ross Harland has known Cameron his whole career, starting back at Liverpool BMX Club and it’s only fitting that he has offered him a lifetime sponsorship deal.

“Krankit was putting together a factory team of three riders consisting of Blake Moore, Shane Rosa and myself,” Cameron explained.

“The other boys have moved on and the teams have changed but I’ve stuck with them and I’m really honoured and happy to have the deal.”

He isn’t the only one happy with owner-operator Ross Harland sharing his thoughts in the above Facebook post.

“Alex has given so much to the sport of BMX racing. His commitment, achievements, loyalty and willingness to assist anyone and support of our brand is second to none,” Harland said.

“We are absolutely stoked to offer Alex a Lifetime deal and honoured that his decision-making process was instant.”

Alongside his racing, Cameron has dedicated a lot of his time into giving back to the sport that has been with him since his primary school years. One way he has been doing that is through his coaching throughout Australia.

“I’ve been coaching since I was sixteen and alongside trying to be an elite rider I really enjoy coaching the little ones,” Cameron said.

Watching Cameron on the track is entertainment in itself, but when you hear his young enthusiastic supporters cheering him on you know that he has the right to be titled the King of the Kids.

“Yeah it would be pretty boring if there wasn’t a fan base out there to cheer you on and they kill the time in between races, it’s a really good feeling that they look up to you.”

Speaking of time between races, Cameron has had a bit of it himself lately.

While competing at the Southlake/Illawarra BMX Club Open day on July 1, the veteran suffered a pretty heavy crash in the men’s superclass which halted his work on the bike.

Take a look at the men’s final below. (Not for the faint hearted)

“I was having a really decent race and after I passed Andy Hughes and Nathanial Rodway on the second (straight), I was chasing Kai (Sakakibara) and I was trying a little bit too hard to catch him instead of worrying about myself. It was pretty gnarly,” Cameron said.

 His fall resulted in Cameron having surgery two days after the race and now has three plates and eight screws in his left leg and two screws helping to hold a joint together in his right.

How did he put it? ‘gnarly’…

“I’ve been in a wheelchair for four weeks now and I’ve got another two to go. It’s been pretty rough, but this week has been really good.”

“I’ve got a lot of mates helping me fill my day instead of sitting on the couch.”

When we ask our athletes what’s next on the agenda they normally look to next year’s worlds or nationals but for Cameron it’s a little different.

“To be honest, I just want to be competitive and be the old dude who makes finals, that’s my goal,” Cameron said.

“I’ve crossed the world and ticked those off my bucket list so I’m pretty sick of the travel.”

What Cameron is more focused on is the events in Australia and is eagerly awaiting his return to the track.

“I just like our domestic racing, it’s good and the level is great… it’s convenient.”