BMXA are heartened by the news in various States surrounding the lessening of COVID-19 related restrictions.

We are also encouraged by the ‘flattening of the curve’ and the willingness of our community to embrace Government regulations to assist in our country’s recovery.

As restrictions, including the use of recreational facilities, slowly start to be lifted in each jurisdiction, we advise members and Clubs to act in accordance with the directions from your State and Council.
As an organisation BMXA are working on some guidelines to assist clubs in their ‘recovery to racing’ but ultimately the decision to open tracks and return to racing will be determined by Federal Government, State Government and Council rulings, before a decision can be made by individual Clubs and members.
Please continue to be patient as we move along the slow path towards a pre-COVID-19 lifestyle.
For all BMXA Covid-19 resources please head to our Covid-19 resource page HERE.