Have a read, take notes and bring them to the track… it can’t hurt.

Riders from around Australia are currently making their way down to the Launceston BMX Club in Tasmania for the final round of the 2018 BMX Australia BAD BOY National Series.

Many of them have never set foot in the Apple Isle, with no knowledge about the track or the conditions.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted early showers for Saturday morning with an 80% chance of rainfall of 1 to 3mm of rain. Windy conditions are also expected to be prevalent in the morning before easing off on the weekend.

But what about the track?

Enter local man Andrew Bayes who is competing in the 50+ cruiser men’s class tomorrow. Andrew is a well-known member of the Tasmanian club and gave up his time to talk to BMXA about the track. Take notes!

Start Gate

The start gate is quite unusual in the sense that it isn’t one of the steepest gates going around. Compared to other gates, you have to put a fair amount of weight onto it to build up speed and get a fast start.

First Straight

The first straight has a short double jump at the base of the start hill which is quite tricky. I advise to be cautious going over it at first and make the most of your practice sessions nailing it.

It then continues into a nice rolling double and a step down before hitting the first berm.

First Berm

The first berm is a nice wide-open corner with lots of room for manoeuvres.

Second Straight

The second straight is a cool rhythm section which has at the end of it a step up which can be manualled, jumped or pumped.

Second Berm

The second corner is quite flat compared to the first. It is still nice and wide with heaps of room to pass and good moves to be made.

Third Straight

The second last straight has a small roller which can be pumped or manualled and then it goes into a step up which can be manualled or jumped before a step down. At the end there are two sets of doubles leading into the last turn.

Last Berm

Very similar to the first and second corners with lots of space for overtaking. This is your last chance to get in a good position before setting yourself up for the last straight.

The Final Straight

The last straight has a table top which leads into small rhythm jumps, a little step up and a little double.

The last straight is quite long and that means there is a lot of peddling then you have the finish line!

 To see the track for yourself, take a look at the video below which has some awesome shots as well as a bit of history about the club itself. Enjoy!

 Did you take notes?

Make sure you put your thoughts into plan when practice for the final round of the national series commences tomorrow morning:

  • 12pm – 1pm: 8yrs – 16yrs
  • 1pm – 1:45pm: 17+ & Masters
  • 1:45pm – 2:30pm: Superclass
  • 2:30pm – 2:45pm: Sprockets


For a full run of events – CLICK HERE

For all important updates and announcements throughout the weekend – CLICK HERE.