A passionate female BMX rider, Lara loves her BMX and wants more women to join her on the track.

Anderson is 28 years of age, has two kids and lives on a farm in Yengarie. She is also a dedicated member of the Maryborough BMX Club in Queensland.

“I first started racing 3 years ago in 2015 and for the first 2 years I just raced at my local club nights and comps, I did it mainly for fitness,” Anderson said.

Anderson got in contact with BMXA to help promote female riders to join BMX, particularly in her 25-29 women’s class. Recently competing in the LKI BMX Queensland State Championships, Anderson entered as the sole rider in her class resulting in her having to race in the 17-24 women’s class.

“Last year I caught the competitive bug and really got out of my comfort zone racing at bigger competitions like the Central QLD Championships. I train every Monday night and do gate starts on Wednesday,” Anderson continued.

“We have wonderful coaches who are very supportive of our club, it’s just a shame there aren’t enough 25-29 women competing.”

Running her own business as a hairdresser, Lara works very hard at her job as well as around her club. Maryborough BMX Club Registrar, Karen Baker admires the commitment and effort Anderson has to manage her business as well as help out at the club.

“She’s fantastic,” Baker said.

“She rides as much as she can alongside working full time. Her salon sponsors the club which helps us do raffles which she helps run!”

Next on Anderson’s bucket list is the 2019 Bad Boy BMXA National Championships at Shepparton BMX Club, Victoria. The mother of two is sending out a message to all 25-29 women.

Let’s race!

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