We love celebrating our riders on the track, but how about those behind the scenes?

When your club has just copped a massive amount of water and you’re two weeks out from one of the biggest events of the club’s season, the track is ruined and your club needs help, do you step up and give them the help they need? Many hands mean a lighter load!

Our January 2018 “Legend of the Month” comes from the Ballarat BMX club and her name is Danielle Pompe.

A downpour of rain hit the club on Friday January 26 and the damage was breathtakingly devastating. The near perfect track, which was being prepared for round two of the State Series in Victoria, was albeit washed away.

Presenting a quality BMX track is a hard gig at the best of times but this is ridiculous (see images). Two weeks out…

Posted by Ballarat Sebastopol BMX club on Friday, January 26, 2018


The club reached out to its members and neighbouring clubs to lend a hand to get the track back in shape.  The roller needed repairs, the canteen needed to be spray painted as well as the scoreboard, there was complete havoc.

Enter Danielle Pompe and her dedicated friends. The “working bee” session was planned to begin at 8:30am on Saturday morning, but Pompe and her team decided that 6:15am is a better time to start! Finishing around midday they couldn’t deal with the heat any longer.

Danielle is the members’ coordinator at Ballarat and has been involved with the club for the last seven years. She has made many friends within her BMX club but her deep love for this sport comes through the friendships and family she makes when BMX admirers around Australia come together.

“I met this guy for the first time at an event last year and now he calls me his sister!” Danielle said.

The working bees consisted of around 12 people including those that use the track, the riders!

“There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into the track over the weekend.”

The work hasn’t ended for the club. Every afternoon this week, those dedicated club members, alongside Danielle, are slaving away to make sure that the track is in perfect condition for their Rebellion Open on Sunday February 11. If you are in the region and have some spare time on your hands, why not head over and give these BMX lovers the help they deserve and need.

Danielle and her team are a classic example of those dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes to make BMX in Australia the best it can be!

If you know of anyone who deserves similar recognition as “Legend of the Month” for their outstanding commitment to the cause then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on either Facebook or email. We know they’re out there!