The Chairman and CEO of BMXA wrap up a stellar 2018.

Hello BMXA family,

As we near the end of the year, we wanted to write to all members of BMXA to wish you a safe and happy holiday season, take a look at some of the great things that happened in 2018 and let you know what you can look forward to next year.

While we all take a short break from BMX racing, and in particular BMXA operated events, it is important to take some time to reflect on the year that has passed and to thank those who have contributed to our community in the last 12 months.

Whether that be your own mums and dads, an official at your local club or a coach or mentor, none of us could achieve our goals if it weren’t for the help of one or more of these leaders. From the BMXA board and executive – a big thanks!

There were plenty of things for us to be proud of in 2018.

The re-brand and launch of a truly national and participation focussed national series was a tremendous success and something we can build on in 2019 and beyond.

One pleasing aspect is the ongoing commercialisation of the national series and national championships where we have been able to form partnerships with various local governments.

In 2019 we will again travel around the country for the national series, stopping in seven different states and territories. Our national titles will take place in Shepparton, where we have a fantastic relationship with the Greater Shepparton City Council.

On the track there were so many wonderful performances that it’s impractical to name them all, but two that stood out are Saya Sakakibara’s maiden UCI Supercross World Cup victory in the season’s final round in Santiago del Estero and Thomas Tucker winning a stunning sixth consecutive W1 plate.

Tucker was also named as the first ever recipient of the Sam Willoughby Medal at the inaugural Australian BMX Hall of Fame Gala Dinner on the same night Jamie Hales, Leigh Egan, Paul Addams, Wayne McIntosh and Natarsha Williams were inducted into the Australian BMX Hall of Fame.

Off the track we were very pleased to begin a relationship with BAD BOY, who are now our official apparel partners. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

This year also saw the news that the UCI Supercross World Cup would be coming to Australia in 2020 with events to be hosted in Bathurst and Shepparton.

The streamlining of many areas of governance was a focus for the board and we have worked hard in that area.

Another major initiative we have been working on during 2018 is a longer term project to improve the efficiency of the organisation and management of Australia’s cycling bodies so that we can direct more resources and provide better services to clubs and riders.  This initiative is sometimes called One Cycling.

In July BMX Australia, Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia announced that they were working in conjunction with the (then) Australian Sports Commission to look at ways in which the three cycling sports organisations might work together collaboratively to benefit their combined membership bases and for the broader community base of cycling participants in Australia.

Part of this work involved the assistance of an external consultant, EY, to investigate how the three National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) might work together in the future.

Across the disciplines of cycling in Australia there are many great people working hard and doing their best for the benefit of the sport, whether on a paid or voluntary basis.  However, sometimes the structure of the sport makes it difficult to achieve the desired outcomes.

Many of you are aware that there are three NSOs representing the major disciplines of BMX, Road/Track and MTB.  What you might not be aware of is that along with these NSOs there are 19 corporate entities once state and territory bodies are included.

Each of these entities has a board of directors, audited accounts, audit committee etc.  The result is a significant degree of duplication which costs money, time and effort which could be better invested in services for clubs and riders.

The types of changes we are considering introducing are:

–       a dedicated club and member services team that spreads best practice across Australia and in particular can help prevent club management from reinventing the wheel when similar issues have been encountered and solved elsewhere;

–       an improved commercial function so that we can do a better job originating sponsors and looking after them when they partner with us;

–       an advocacy team to lobby for cyclists’ rights and for access to cycling related infrastructure (for both racing and recreational riding);

–       improved participation products including expanded cycling education programs including a national bike-ed program aimed at getting more kids riding bikes (irrespective of the type of bike…); and

–       strengthening development pathways across all disciplines of cycling.

Work on this project, including the EY report, is continuing and we expect to have more information on this subject in early 2019 as discussions continue with our friends at CA and MTBA.

So with 2018 almost gone we have much to look forward to in 2019.

Once again we would like to wish you a safe and happy Christmas season and hope you all have a break before we meet again.

Darren Alomes,

Chairman of BMX Australia

Martin Shaw,

CEO of BMX Australia