Level 1 Coach

Your Level 1 Coach accreditation is valid for four years.

You will be sent an invitation to re-accredit, 90 days before your re-accreditation is due.

To be eligible to re-accredit as BMXA Level 1 Coach you are required to have:

Membership and Screenings

 Coaching Activity

  • Actively coached Level 1 coaching skills at your Club, other BMXA Clubs, with your State Team or have been involved in State Association programs which require Level 1 coaching skills during the 4-year period.

This is evidenced by:

  • A letter from your Club and/or State Association (on letterhead, signed and dated by a Club Committee member or State Board member) which supports your re-accreditation and confirms you are actively coaching and your sessions include coaching level 1 skills.
  • A log/summary of your coaching activities signed-off as indicated.

***Please note support and sign off for coaching activity hours is required from an independent 3rd party. Sign-offs by family members or relatives is not accepted. ******************

Education and Development

  • Complete the SportAUS Community Coaching on-line course (if not already completed and on-file with BMXA)
  • Have attended a BMXA sanctioned coaching clinic in the last 2 years of your accreditation (this will be recorded on your BMXA member profile)
  • Complete Play By the Rules Child Protection certificate
  • Complete the ASADA Level 1 Anti Doping Course (if not already completed and on-file with BMXA)
  • Complete the  ASADA Coaches Course or ASADA Level 2 Anti Doping Course

2019 Coaches Re-accreditation Checklist

All certificates and documents required to support your re-accreditation should be attached to one email (which includes your membership number and purpose of your email) and sent to coaching@bmxaustralia.com.au.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for re-accreditation processing.