It’s not often that the hard workers of a club get recognised, especially two people from the same club. Two well-known figures around the Harbour City BMX Club were deservingly awarded Australia Day awards in the Gladstone Region in Queensland.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Harbour City BMX Club 

Those celebrated were Bruce Crow[, the president of the club, and Angela Potter, on track to make world’s this year in only her fifth year of racing.

Gladstone Regional Council every year hosts its annual Australia Day awards to reward members of the community who have made outstanding achievements and contributed to growth and development in a variety of ways.

Crow was recognised for his involvement in the club’s new track and Potter, one of the club’s top racers, for her efforts on and off the bike after claiming the A2 plate in two different classes .

Crow was one of the principal figures behind securing funding for the state-of-the-art new track for Harbour City. On top of this he worked tirelessly in the background to make sure the project went as efficiently as possible.

Congratulations to Bruce Crow, Sports Official of the Year Award recipient at the 2020 Australia Day Awards.

Bruce is…

Posted by Gladstone Regional Council on Friday, 31 January 2020

Crow said this was the biggest project for the club ever and was grateful for how the community rallied to help.

“We had a couple of set-backs early on as it took a while for construction to begin, but when construction did begin it went smoothly,” Crow said.

“We had to turn over 10,000 cubic metres of dirt, cut the track out of a hill, it was not an easy task, I’m grateful we have a big club who was willing to help and contribute in any way they could.”

The track opened up last March with current Olympic gold medallist Connor Fields attending the opening race day, alongside 2,500 people. With the track finished and improvements already lined up, Crow has big goals for the small club.

“We have the biggest berms in Queensland, with Sleemans, but we need to concrete the berms so that we can look to hold state championships,” Crow said. 

Potter as a rider has achieved a lot in her five years in the sport, but on top of this she is one of the most esteemed members in the community with young riders looking up to her due to her competitive spirit and the effort she makes with all the youngsters.

Congratulations to Angela Potter, Senior Sportsperson of the Year Award recipient at the 2020 Australia Day…

Posted by Gladstone Regional Council on Monday, 3 February 2020

“Her dedication to the sport as a full time working mother is outstanding, the whole club respects her and looks up to her,” Crow said.

Currently holding A2 in 40-44 20 inch and 40-44 cruiser, Potter has a big 2020 in plan as she will head to Launceston in a month in order to qualify for worlds in Houston in May.