BMX Australia welcomes Madill in a full-time capacity

Former elite BMX rider and 2008 Olympian Luke Madill has joined BMX Australia in a full-time role, taking up the position of ‘National Coaching Manager’ effective immediately.

Over the past three years Madill has been involved with the national governing body in the contracted role of ‘BMXA Development Academy Coach’. The new role with BMXA will see Madill oversee the coaching and management of the BMX Australia National Team, while also providing significant input into the strategic direction of coaching in the country.

A primary part of Madill’s remit will be to continue work with state associations to develop state coaching structures that assist in the development of riders along the athlete pathway. He will also manage and develop coaching resources, update coaching courses and ensure that coaches Australia-wide are provided the best information on developing riders from mini-wheelers, all the way to elite riders.

Continuing to strengthen the relationship between BMXA and the Cycling Australia High Performance Unit (HPU), and provide appropriate input into the HPU program will also be a significant part of Madill’s job. This area is aimed at assisting riders to progress from the BMXA National Team to the HPU program.

With developments to the athlete pathway and national team already underway, Madill said he is eager to help further the development of Australia’s riders in his new position.

“It’s exciting to join BMX Australia in a full-time capacity following three years heading up the BMXA Academy,” Madill said.

“We have plenty of talented riders in the country, and likewise some very able coaches to go with them. Those riders and coaches are supported by our state associations and in this role, I look forward to bringing together a more cohesive coaching structure, and education on the national pathway.

“The priority for me will be working with our states. They develop our riders, and therefore we need to ensure they have the tools needed to do that job. This will be done by establishing the national coaching network and providing high quality information and guidance to those administering training programs.”

Madill will also take on greater responsibility in liaising with the Australian Sports Commission and Australian Institute of Sport in matters relating to high performance, rider development and coaching pathways.