BMX Australia life member and 2008 Beijing Olympian Luke Madill has joined the BMXA Technical Committee as a replacement to Lyndon Downing

COVER PIC: Luke Madill conducting a coaching course at the Cross Keys BMX Club in Adelaide. (pic courtesy of GetSnapt)

BMXA National Coaching Manager Luke Madill has been appointed to join National Officiating Director Paul Connors and veteran commissaire Chris Houghton on BMXA’s Technical Committee.

The assignment comes after Lyndon Downing elected to stand down from the position after decades of selfless service to BMX as an administrator.

The technical committee is responsible for formulating the BMXA Rule Book in conjunction with the UCI rules, working towards making BMX racing in Australia safer and more enjoyable for riders.

Connors said Madill was a natural fit for the roll, recognising his ability to bring experience from the eyes of a rider and a coach.

“I’ve known Luke for over 15 years and his own BMX career talks for itself,” Connors said.

“As a rider he was always passionate about what was good for the sport and good for the riders, not just what was good for him as an individual. He was also very respectful in passing on his thoughts.

“In recent years as Luke’s taken on a coaching role, he’s really given us value from both a rider and coach’s perspective and has demonstrated to us an ability to think outside the square, in an unbiased way.

“It made natural sense that we have a rider’s, or recent rider’s, representative and Luke was the perfect candidate.”

Connors said while Madill was a welcome addition to the three-member technical committee, Downing’s resignation from the post would be a loss for the sport.

“Lyndon’s had a significant impact on the rules of our sport, not only here in Australia but in other parts of the world and with the UCI, for many years,” Connors said.

“As administrator and someone with a strong understanding of the sport, he has been instrumental in the growth of BMX worldwide and his contribution can’t be underestimated.

“We will certainly miss Lyndon’s experience and thoroughness with every task, but we appreciate the work he has done and the time he has given us.”

Madill’s position on the technical committee officially begins on January 1, 2019.