We have spoken about riders being prepared for world championships and national championships, but do we make the most out of learning from our national and state events?

This weekend is another chance for riders to experience a national series event at Cross Keys and the way you approach this event should be no different to any other.

Let’s go back over how we can get the most out of these events.

Track: Find up to date races/videos on the track from riders or from the club. Analyse some of the more technical straights and race lines. Check the hill size and first straight speeds for gearing selection.

Weather: Forecast prediction is 8-15 degrees with a chance of showers on Saturday. Staying warm will be key for ultimate performance. Riders from up north in the warmer climates may look at bringing thermal garments so there is not as much shock to your muscles.

With rain predicted, you may also want to pack extra gear if you do not have a chance to get your clothes dry for the next day’s racing.

Bike check: I have seen a lot of riders turn up to these events with bike issues due to the fact that they haven’t gone over their bikes prior to the event. Things like weather is out of our control, but bike issues can be controlled by not leaving things until you arrive at the event.

Packing extra rags, brushes and tyres are all necessary in wet conditions.

Practice: Most states hire the track prior to the event or some riders are lucky enough to have private sessions. Make the most of these sessions by having a session plan before you begin.

This will ensure you have a solid training session, not missing any vital areas. It will also make sure you do not over train.

These sessions prior to the event are for track familiarisation, once you are happy with your race lines, stop. Continuing to ride just because you have time left in your session will only waste energy and create fatigue later in the weekend.

Assess yourself: During the event you need to recognise your strengths and weaknesses. Take notes during the day around key areas of strength or weakness.

These areas can be anything from physical, technical, tactical or psychological. Be honest with yourself and do not let the result interfere with your assessment.

If you have performed your best in a race and the result wasn’t what you wanted, that isn’t anything you need to be ashamed of and look at the things you can improve on for the next event.

Have Fun: Remember to enjoy the sport. No one started the sport because they wanted to win races or go to the Olympics, we started because we loved riding our bikes and found a passion for it. Everyone wants to win, but sometimes we forget to ask the question “did you have fun”

Did you take notes?

The fifth round of the 2018 National Series is on our doorstep and it is sure to be an action-packed spectacle. Home to 2016 Rio Olympian Anthony Dean, the South Australian track is ready to rumble with riders from as far as fields turning up to bang bars.

Below are some key things to remember before action gets underway on the weekend.

Registration is open from 12pm ACST on Saturday and is a key priority for all riders especially as it closes at 2:30pm – No registration, no racing.

Practice for our shredders will be open from 1pm with our sprockets wrapping up the session at 3:15pm.

Racing will commence in the afternoon from 3:30 with motos one and two for ALL classes… get keen!

Sunday will have the gates drop for practice at 8:30am and run till 10am fitting in every class in their respected allocated times.

The day is guesstimated to finish 1pm.

Of course, the times for the motos and finals indicated in our schedule may change pending on rider numbers and incidents outside of the event management’s control.

To see the full schedule – CLICK HERE.

Parking for both days will be a gold coin donation which will go towards the running of the weekend.

To see a full site map + other key information – CLICK HERE.