The Play by the Rules has another informative piece guiding sporting groups on how best to manage conflict at your club.

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Conflict occurs in every facet of life. Whether you’re at home, at work or even on the sports field.

The Play by Rules has provided some great points and examples of how best to manage that conflict. Read on and take notes, but also ensure you cast your eyes across BMXA’s policies – HERE

People behaving badly is a world-wide problem. Whether it’s road rage, internet trolling, incendiary criticism of someone with different views or refusing to follow the direction of a parent, teacher or police officer, courtesy, politeness, respect and general good manners are in short supply.

It is not surprising, therefore, that sports administrators, including board and committee members, are at their wits’ end dealing with conflict between and amongst players, spectators, parents, coaches, office bearers and anyone else who has a ‘my way or the highway’ view of the world.

So what to do with a subject that takes up way too much time and energy, and sometimes money, for everyone involved?

The following hypothetical relates to a mock board meeting by a group of sports administrators with various levels of experience. Their thoughts and ideas are in the table below as are my comments, as moderator of the mock meeting.


  • Mother Juliet complains to club Secretary Pam by phone and then by letter about the conduct of coach Chris, the volunteer coach of the U15 netball team, towards her 14-year old daughter Chloe, a member of the team.


  • Juliet says that Chris has said the following things to Chloe:


When she asked about travel arrangements – meaning the team would be in transit to their destination for 6 hours – Chris said that she was “a lazy little princess”; 

 that she arrived 15 mins late for training after telling Chris she’d be 10 mins late because of a dentist appointment, he told her to “get lost, too late” and wouldn’t let her play;

 that during a training session with light weights he said she should be called “Dumbo” because she had the “elegance of an elephant”.


  • Juliet says Chloe is stressed, her schoolwork is affected – she’s withdrawn and is having to having counselling – the whole family is affected.


  • Juliet wants Chris dismissed or she’ll take legal action.


  • The Club has been sitting on its hands for weeks because it doesn’t want to lose Chris and doesn’t know how to deal with the complaint. Gossip about the complaint is already starting to affect children, and their parents, who Chris coaches, as well as Chris himself who hasn’t been told about the complaint but has heard the rumours.


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