The final weekend of the month had BMX riders from around the country – and an Olympic champ – getting their share of March Madness. Here’s this week’s Tales from the Berm.

COVER PIC: The men’s superclass at Harbour City BMX Club (Pic courtesy of LUX/BMX Race).

This week’s BAD BOY spotlight takes us to the Harbour City BMX Club in Gladstone, Queensland, where they held their March Madness for over 200.

The event was a chance for the club to test their new track and what better way to do that, than with some red-hot BMX racing. The President of Harbour City, Bruce Crow, was singing praises of the team who built it including elite rider Tristyn Kronk, also known as ‘TK’.

“We copped a huge downfall of rain on Saturday afternoon resulting in the cancelling of one moto. On Sunday, riders and officials were left speechless as the track had drained the water away and racing could resume. TK has done a magnificent job and the drainage was evidence of that,” Crow said.

With racing back on, riders of all ages and abilities got their piece of the action with some notching some impressive results.

Clean sweeping is no easy feat… some might even call it madness. Consistently besting your opposition in three races is a notable achievement and deserves recognition.

The clean sweepers from the event were:

  • Guy Hocking: 8-10 boy’s cruiser (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club)
  • Toby Hatfield: 8-boy’s (Bundaberg BMX Club)
  • Molly Williamson: 9-girl’s (Redlands BMX Club)
  • Kenneth Easter: 10-boy’s (Centenary Plains BMX Club)
  • Kyarnee Young: 10-girl’s (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club)
  • Aim Hocking: 11-boy’s (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club)
  • Vada Botfield: 11-girl’s (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Ben Dunphy: 12-boy’s (Harbour City BMX Club)
  • Joshua Harkin: 11-12 boy’s cruiser (Rockhampton BMX Club)
  • Chayse Ireland: 13-boy’s (Albany BMX Club)
  • Anaya Whitehead: 13-girl’s (Rockhampton BMX Club)
  • Callum Howarth: 14-boy’s AND 13-14 boy’s cruiser (Nerang BMX Club)
  • Courtney Oostendorp: 14-girl’s (Ashmore BMX Club)
  • Tristan Scott: 15-boy’s (Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club)
  • Paige Guymer: 16-girl’s (Harbour City BMX Club)
  • Kane Gibbons: 15-16 boy’s cruiser (Centenary Plains BMX Club)
  • Jacob Marshall: 30-34 men’s (Bundaberg BMX Club)
  • Natalie Bunt: 35-39 women’s (Rockhampton BMX Club)
  • David Jackson: 35-39 men’s (Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club)
  • Phil Brezigar: 35-39 men’s cruiser (Harbour City BMX Club)
  • Angela Potter: 35-39 women’s cruiser (Harbour City BMX Club)
  • Ben Guymer: 40-44 men’s cruiser (Harbour City BMX Club)
  • Mark Rohdmann: 50+ men’s (Bundaberg BMX Club)
  • Brett Barnes: 50+ men’s cruiser (Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club)

A special mention needs to go to Bayside’s Letitia Weatherhead. The national champion took on the 45-49 cruiser men and clean swept them to come away with the chocolates. Nice one Letitia!

Spearheading the weekend were the male and female superclass riders who were also eager to get their share of the new BMX track. Building up steam ahead of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Championships is Beenleigh’s Des’Ree Barnes.

Clean sweeping the women’s superclass, Barnes beat home Ipswich’s Chloe Jackson and Pine Rivers’ rider Tenniele Botfield in the final. Barnes has many BMX titles to her name but this year, she is in with a chance of taking a junior elite one. Can she do it?

If you haven’t entered for nationals yet… GET CRACKING! You can find all your information HERE!

On the men’s ledger, the spectators at Harbour City BMX Club were gifted with a special competitor taking to their track. Olympic gold medallist American Connor Fields loves competing in Australia and took the opportunity to get some more Aussie racing under his wheels with a spectacular performance in the men’s superclass.

Not making it easy for him was Centenary Plains rider Joshua Boyton, and Walkerston’s Tristyn Kronk, but the Olympian got the job done nevertheless and had the crowd on their feet.

To see a full list of results from the March Madness – CLICK HERE

This wasn’t the first time that Fields, Boyton and Kronk have competed against each other with Fields attending the second round of the 2018 BMXA BAD BOY National Series in Frankston.

Here’s a recap of that below.

Helping to capture the action were numerous photographers including Bluey Harris who snapped this gem.

Congratulations to all clubs and riders who hosted/competed over the weekend. We wish any fallen riders a speedy recovery and look forward to hearing of your success on the track soon.

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