The fourth round of the 2019 BMX Tasmania State Series had an abundance of success stories and here are some of them thanks to the Tales from the Berm by BAD BOY.

The state series round at Wynyard Park BMX Club attracted nearly 100 entries across 30 competitive and participatory categories, and while the event didn’t boast a huge number of riders, they more than made up for it with fast and exciting racing for spectators.

The event had riders representing the three clubs from across Tassie with the host leading the charge with 37 entries, Launceston was second with 31, and Southern City with 24.

But joining the three clubs were two riders from Western Australia.

Bryce and Justine Lane from the Hills BMX Club took on their Tasmanian counterparts in the superclass category and the pair fell just short of reaching the top of the podium.

Taking out the men’s was Wynyard’s Reece Ellis who got the better of Bryce and Matthew Duncombe from Southern City.

On the women’s ledger, Southern City’s Breeanna Oxley found the top spot, with Justine in second place and Wynyard’s Lisa Eaves third.

The host club did their best to use their home track advantage and for some, it was the difference between finding the top spot and having to settle for second.

The winning Wynyard riders were:

  • Lucas Crisp: 8-boy’s
  • Tahlia Broomhall: 9-girl’s
  • Byron Lee: 10-boy’s
  • Kasey Kirkland: 10-girl’s
  • Hayley Emmerton: 8-10 girl’s cruiser
  • Jacob French: 11-boy’s
  • Clay Ellis: 17-24 men’s
  • Brodie Emmerton: 25-29 men’s cruiser
  • Matthew French: 40-44 men’s cruiser
  • Paul Emmerton: 50+ men’s cruiser


One of our favourite stories from this year’s 2019 #BMXANS was the 25-29 men’s story at Southern City during stage 6. The class consisting of mates, god fathers and brother in-laws didn’t disappoint with Launceston’s Aaron ‘Browny’ Brown taking out the chocolates over the Wynyard Park trio of Brodie, Reece and Ben Anderson.

Watch that story again below!

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Men’s Superclass

  1. Reece Ellis (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  2. Bryce Lane (Hills BMX Club)
  3. Matthew Duncombe (Southern City BMX Club)


Women’s Superclass

  1. Breeanna Oxley (Southern City BMX Club)
  2. Justine Lane (Hills BMX Club)
  3. Lisa Eaves (Wynyard Park BMX Club)



  1. Lucas Crisp (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  2. Troy Giney (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  3. Dayne Palmer (Southern City BMX Club)



  1. Indy Woolley (Launceston BMX Club)



  1. Jackson Quill (Launceston BMX Club)
  2. Billy Smith (Southern City BMX Club)
  3. Cruz Williams (Wynyard Park BMX Club)



  1. Tahlia Broomhall (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  2. Georgie Lee (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  3. Aurora Handley (Launceston BMX Club)



  1. Byron Lee (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  2. Oliver Beames (Southern City BMX Club)
  3. Cruz Horton (Wynyard Park BMX Club)



  1. Kasey Kirkland (Wynyard Park BMX Club)


8-10 Girl’s Cruiser

  1. Hayley Emmerton (Wynyard Park BMX Club)



  1. Jacob French (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  2. Levi Springer (Launceston BMX Club)



  1. Amy Bracken (Launceston BMX Club)
  2. Belle Maynard (Southern City BMX Club)



  1. Campbell Whitney (Launceston BMX Club)
  2. Cooper Beaton (Southern City BMX Club)
  3. Zeth Griffiths (Wynyard Park BMX Club)



  1. Cohan Smith (Launceston BMX Club)
  2. Max Jackson (Southern City BMX Club)
  3. Tala Evans (Wynyard Park BMX Club)



  1. Shelby Steward (Launceston BMX Club)
  2. Isabelle Beames (Southern City BMX Club)
  3. Aislin Cooper (Southern City BMX Club)



  1. Cayley Quill (Launceston BMX Club)


13-14 Boy’s Cruiser

  1. Max Jackson (Southern City BMX Club)
  2. Alex Eaves (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  3. Talan Evans (Wynyard Park BMX Club)



  1. Samuel Taylor (Southern City BMX Club)
  2. Tylar Jenni (Southern City BMX Club)


17-24 Men’s

  1. Clay Ellis


25-29 Men’s

  1. Aaron Brown (Launceston BMX Club)
  2. Brodie Emmerton (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  3. Reece Ellis (Wynyard Park BMX Club)


25-29 Men’s Cruiser

  1. Brodie Emmerton (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  2. Reece Ellis (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  3. Ethan Cooper (Southern City BMX Club)


35-39 Men’s Cruiser

  1. Matthew Burgess (Launceston BMX Club)
  2. Kristin Broomhall (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  3. Luke Heazlewood (Launceston BMX Club)


40-44 Men’s Cruiser

  1. Matthew French (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  2. Ben Oxley (Southern City BMX Club)


50+ Men’s Cruiser

  1. Paul Emmerton (Wynyard Park BMX Club)
  2. Luke O’Reilly (Southern City BMX Club)
  3. Graham Rogers (Southern City BMX Club)

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