The first day of school for 2018 is done, here’s who impressed at the Nerang Nationals in 2018!

Australian summers are associated with sun, surf and sand…but if you’re a BMX rider the first weekend of the New Year is also the home of the Nerang Nationals. This year Josh McLean and Sara Jones were the king and queen of the first day at school for Australian BMX.

In total 374 riders across 40 events hit the track at the Nerang BMX Club in southeast Queensland, with mini-wheelers right through to riders in the 45-49 age group category taking to the track.

The men’s Superclass final was almost an all-Queensland affair, save for Victorian McLean, who was the only rider not to representing a club from the sunshine state on the gate. When the race roared into action that mattered little, as the Knox BMX Club rider beat Corey Frieswyk and Izaac Kennedy to the line.


In the women’s Superclass final it was a full Queensland affair, which resulted in Caboolture BMX Club’s Sara Jones striking first for 2018, Des’ree Barnes following in second. Erin Lockwood grabbed the final podium spot on her home track.

Strong results followed for Nerang members throughout the day, as Kai Angel won the 16-boys event, Jess Asmus the 15-boys, Sheldon Watt and Kira Hill the 14-boys and girls respectively and Callum Howarth the 13-boys.

Nerang also found success in the 11-girls event thanks to Cheralee White, Sam Baber in the 30-34 men’s event, Ken Nicholson in the men’s 45-49 class and Dylan Dauth in the 8-boys class.

A special mention also goes to 9-year-old rider Fraser Vaughan from Pine Rivers BMX Club who won his 20-inch class as well as the 8-10-boys Cruiser class. Ashmore BMX Club’s Callum Woodbury achieved the same feat in the 11-boys and 11-12 boys Cruiser class.


A nod also goes to Caitlin Jong from Satellite City BMX Club in the Northern Territory for travelling to the event and having an undefeated day across six motos in the 13-girls class.

With the Nerang Nationals having now officially kicked off the 2018 Aussie racing season, attention turns to Round 1 of the 2018 BMXSQ Oxley Cycles Shootout Series at Redlands BMX Club this coming weekend. Entries CLOSE TONIGHT at 11pm. CLICK HERE to enter.

Also beginning this week is BMX Victoria’s Track Attack series, beginning at Lilydale BMX Club on Saturday January 13. Round two follows the very next day at Eastfield BMX Club. Entries for both event Track Attack events CLOSE TONIGHT at 10pm. CLICK HERE to enter round one. CLICK HERE to enter round two.

Winners from the Nerang Nationals listed below. Click here to see the full results list.

8 Boys: Dylan Dauth – Nerang BMX Club, QLD

8 Girls: Molly Williamson – Redlands BMX Club, QLD

9 Boys: Fraser Vaughan – Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD

9 Girls: Holyee-Ann Jackson – Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club, QLD

10 Boys: Nate Argent – Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club, QLD

10 Girls: Vada Botfield – Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD

11 Boys: Callum Woodbury – Ashmore BMX Club, QLD

11 Girls: Cheralee White – Nerang BMX Club, QLD

12 Boys: Lincoln Botfield – Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD

12 Girls: Anaya Whitehead – Rockhampton BMX Club, QLD

13 Boys: Callum Howarth – Nerang BMX Club, QLD

13 Girls: Caitlin Jong – Satellite City BMX Club, NT

14 Boys: Sheldon Watt, Nerang BMX Club, QLD

14 Girls: Kira Hill, Nerang BMX Club, QLD

15 Boys: Jesse Asmus, Nerang BMX Club, QLD 

15 Girls: Madison Albury, Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD

16 Boys: Kai Angel – Nerang BMX Club, QLD

16 Girls: Kiana Botfield – Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD

17-24 Men: Mitchell Torrens – Redlands BMX Club, QLD

17-24 Women: Tahlia Stewart – Beenleigh BMX Club, QLD

30-34 Men: Sam Baber – Nerang BMX Club, QLD

45-49 Men: Ken Nicholson – Nerang BMX Club, QLD

Superclass Men: Josh McLean – Knox BMX Club, VIC

Superclass Women: Sara Jones – Caboolture BMX Club, QLD

35+ Open Wheeler Men: Timothy Wright – Beenleigh BMX Club, QLD

8-10 Boys Cruiser: Fraser Vaughan – Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD

11-12 Boys Cruiser: Callum Woodbury – Ashmore BMX Club, QLD

11-12 Girls Cruiser: Teya Rufus – Maryborough BMX Club, QLD

13-14 Girls Cruiser: Thomas Tucker – Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD

17-24 Men’s Cruiser: Glen Swain (30-34 CR men) – Clarence Valley BMX Club, NSW

30-34 Women’s Cruiser: Letitia Weatherhead – Bayside BMX Club, QLD

40-44 Men’s Cruiser: Jack Emeleus – Cairns BMX Club, QLD

45-49 Men’s Cruiser: Jason Nowland – Ashmore BMX Club, QLD

Article picture courtesy Josh McLean #215 Facebook page