BMXA have many valuable team members and one in particular is Sylvia Armstrong. If your call to our office wasn’t answered by Daniel, you would’ve surely had a chat to Sylvia!

Starting her third year with the team, Sylvia Armstrong is BMXA’s office administrator and has many roles.

Predominantly managing travel arrangements for the team and the national series, Sylvia is a key piece to the puzzle that is the BMXA team and is valued by all her colleagues.

If you’ve called the BMXA head office, you would’ve heard her answer the phone alongside Daniel (you can read about him HERE) – but she also assists in the processing of coaching/official documents and is an overall ‘get in and help’ person with everything.

Before joining the BMXA family, Armstrong worked for six years with Cycling Australia doing accounting, membership and office admin.

Here are some questions we asked her to help you get to know Sylvia.

What is so special about working in the BMXA team?

Working with a super dedicated team who are always out to help our BMXA members and each other.

Who is the most entertaining member of the team?

Toni (Operations & Participation Manager) – Always a bubbly and enthusiastic member of the team to work with. Also never buys her own coffee!

What do you love most about the BMXA Community?

The 2017 BMXA National Championships at Sleeman was the first time I had ever stepped foot on a BMX track. It was amazing to see how the event was put together and what was involved. My favourite part was watching those riders take to the track. How the riders and their families embraced that weekend, and I got to be a part of this wonderful experience as part of a team.

What are some of the goals you want to achieve for the BMXA community in your position?

I want to make sure there are a lot more happy voices on the other end of the phone. In the three years that I have been here, some of my goals have already been achieved. The likes of never having been to a BMX event is one.

Another is that I’ve been thrown in to the deep end and I’ve had to answer simple and complex questions about BMX.

Now, it’s just to make sure our events team get to each event on time and they can do the best job they can running the events.

If you’re ever in need of any help regarding BMX, or just want to have a chat with a friendly BMXA family member – don’t hesitate to call 02 9008 1300. Daniel and Sylvia are all ears!