BMX Australia wishes to advise its members of the 2019 Member Fees which will be effective from the January 1, 2019. 

For the 2019 BMX Australia National Fees – CLICK HERE

In 2018, BMXA aimed to have memberships processed completely online and the use of paper-based applications to be removed.

This was achieved and has stopped members from having to wait for their memberships to be processed. It has also given our members the ability to access all their information online, enter into events and access their virtual membership licence.

In September, we introduced the ability to purchase/renew 4-month memberships.

This has allowed our members to access their membership in different stages throughout the year and enter for national, state, zone and club events across Australia. This will continue in 2019, and we hope to see people from other sports give BMX a go!

To find out more about our range of memberships on offer – CLICK HERE! 

In 2019, we will not be changing our membership categories and aim to automate our MTBA/CA Upgrade membership category.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our head office on 02 9008 1300 or email