Mini Wheelers

$32.60 + State Fee + Club Fee (Online fees also apply)
*Please note: Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.*
BMX Mini Wheelers are the entry point into BMX where riders use a balance bike to develop their skills before progressing to a BMX pedal bike. The Mini Wheeler class is open to riders of the following ages.
  • From 2 years old (i.e. you must be 2yrs of age)
  • To 7 years of age (i.e. no older than 7yrs of age)

Progression from a Mini-Wheeler to a Sprocket To progress to a Sprocket Rocket from a Mini Wheeler, a Mini Wheeler must be capable of peddling a bike. There is no age restriction as to when a Mini Wheeler can progress to a Sprocket Rocket. Once a Mini Wheeler has progressed to a Sprocket Rocket, they can however at any time participate in Club or State Association Mini Wheeler balance bike activities or fun, participation-based competitions. There is no restriction on a Sprocket Rocket member moving between Mini Wheeler and Sprocket Rocket activities or participation-based competitions.
Guide to being a BMX Mini Wheeler 
  • Mini Wheelers total strider bike length including wheels must not exceeded 35" (88.9cm)
  • Mini Wheelers strider bikes must not have pedals or cranks
  • Pit bikes can be used but must have cranks removed and not exceed 35" (88.9cm)
  • The total diameter of the wheel, inflated tires included shall not exceed 13"(33.02cm)

Clothing for Mini Wheelers Riders must wear:
  • Long pants; and
  • Long sleeved shirts; and
  • Covered shoes; and
  • Non-full faced Helmets (stack helmets) are permitted for Mini Wheelers but they must meet Australian standards; and
  • Helmet straps must be securely fastened; and
  • Must wear long fingered gloves.
    The Mini Wheeler membership allows you to ride at all BMX Australia affiliated tracks, and when the Mini Wheeler class is offered for particular events.