COVER PIC: Get Snapt

I was concerned to read a few social media posts over the last week or so that called into question BMXA’s “Duty of Care” in relation to racing and tracks, especially after the incident at Westside during stage two of the national series.

With some time for reflection, I’d like to take the opportunity to counter some opinions that have been voiced online.

The first thing to address is for us all to remember that accidents do happen. Our job is to try to minimise the risks involved in our sport, both on and off the track, to make our BMX clubs and tracks as safe a place as possible.

When planning for our nationally administered events, BMXA perform a risk management planning exercise at each and every venue and track we visit, which essentially extends from the venue entrance to the finish line.

This is something that our officials are taught to apply at every level, from club through to national.

At our national events, BMXA has made the decision to engage 1300 Medics to provide the best standard of medical care to riders and their families. Ethan and his team are true professionals and having witnessed their efforts first hand, I can personally attest to their dedication, skill and compassion.

BMXA is also proactive in providing and encouraging coach education at all levels, not only to deliver coaching to our elite or identified riders, but for riders from our grassroots up to our national competitors.

Coaching starts with our volunteer club coaches and progresses through to our National Coaching Manager, creating a coaching pathway that imparts skills to educate our riders all the way through the sport. These skills in turn make our riders safer.

In summary, as I have said above, BMXA aims to provide a safe, exciting and enjoyable environment for our riders to train, ride and participate in. Accidents do happen and what we all should aim to do is support the fallen, review and understand the incident from all points of view, learn from it, adapt and adopt to make our product safer and better.

Personally, and on behalf of BMXA, I welcome constructive ideas and hope that suggestions are always considered with no fear or favour.

Darren Alomes – Chair of BMX Australia