It’s been a journey but on the weekend CA voted to join BMXA, Mountain Bike Australia and the seven BMX State organisations at the start of AusCycling.

A challenging project to bring State and National cycling organisations together culminated on Saturday by having all three disciplines vote and agree on a future path.

Now, we are now just six weeks away from the launch of AusCycling.

As we move towards out shared new future of AusCycling, I am not forgetting where I or this sport have come from. Many great people and friends will still be that – Great People and Friends. Please remember to always do what’s best for the sport of cycling, no matter what wheel size, bike tyre you have or fabric you wear.

As the Chair of BMXA, I am truly in awe of my colleagues from all disciplines and Sport Australia who have worked collaboratively, diligently and with great determination and foresight and I am personally excited of be one of the inaugural Directors of Australia’s second largest Olympic Sport.

Let’s Ride Together!


Darren Alomes
Chair BMXA