A couple of milliseconds can sometimes be the difference between first place or second. Take a look at the most important stats from last weekend.

COVER PIC: Sakakibara and Te Hiko going head-to-head in the men’s elite final at Nerang BMX Club for the fourth round of the 2018 National Series. (Pic courtesy of MadB Photography)

The 2018 BMX Australia National Series has been producing incredible results and now that we have passed the halfway mark of the series, we thought we would give you some statistics from round four at Nerang BMX Club that you might find interesting.

It’s the stat that’s most important… speed.

Below we have recorded the top 5 fastest male and female lap times from the event on the Gold Coast.

Top 5 Fastest Male Lap Times

  1. Brandon Te Hiko (Geelong BMX Club) – Male Elite – 29.078
  2. Corey Frieswyk (Caboolture BMX Club – Male Elite – 29.130
  3. Kai Sakakibara (Southlake/Illawarra BMX Club) – Male Elite – 29.218
  4. Tasman Wakelin (New Zealand) – 16 Boys – 29.271
  5. Kai Angel (Nerang BMX Club) – 16 Boys – 29.471

Impressive numbers, especially regarding that Brandon Te Hiko and Corey Frieswyk both fell short in the finals against Southlake/Illawarra’s Kai Sakakibara.

Take a look at the Men’s Elite final and check out the speed these guys get around the track.

Top 5 Fastest Female Lap Times

  1. Saya Sakakibara (Southlake/Illawarra BMX Club) – Female Elite – 32.008
  2. Erin Lockwood (Nerang BMX Club) – Female Elite – 32.635
  3. Sara Jones (Caboolture BMX Club) – Female Elite – 32.868
  4. Jenna Williams (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club) – Female Elite – 33.100
  5. Des’ree Barnes (Beenleigh BMX Club) – 16 Girls – 33.369It is also great to see that Beenleigh’s Des’ree Barnes is competing with the Women’s Elite class coming in fifth on the table. She will fit right into the junior elites next year quite nicely.. 

Check out her race in the 16 Girls class below.

You may record the fastest lap time, but it all depends on who’s gotten down the start gate the fastest. Getting out the front and controlling from the start is the most effective way of winning a BMX race. Check out the top five fastest male and female gate starts.

Top 5 Fastest Male Gate Starts

  1. Kai Sakakibara (Southlake Illawarra BMX Club) – Male Elite – 2.424
  2. Corey Frieswyk (Caboolture BMX Club) – Male Elite – 2.436
  3. Andrew Hughes (LMX Bicycle Supercross) – Male Elite – 2.439
  4. Brandon Te Hiko (Geelong BMX Club) – Male Elite – 2.451
  5. Jye Hombsch (Redlands BMX Club) – Male Elite – 2.454

Top 5 Fastest Female Gate Starts

  1. Saya Sakakibara (Southlake/Illawarra BMX Club) – Female Elite – 2.605
  2. Ashlee Miller (Castle Hill BMX Club) – Junior Female Elite – 2.681
  3. Paige Harding (Castle Hill BMX Club) – 15 Girls – 2.684
  4. Erin Lockwood (Nerang BMX Club) – Female Elite – 2.699
  5. Des’ree Barnes (Beenleigh BMX Club) – 16 Girls – 2.705
  6. Lilyanne Croft (Westside BMX Club) – 14 Girls – 2.705

Saya Sakakibara had and outstanding day on track, smashing her competitors aside with blistering speed out of the gate and through the track.

What is great to see is the dynamic duo of Castle Hill BMX Club’s Ashlee Miller and Paige Harding who placed as the second and third fastest gate starters.

Check out Paige Harding’s blistering pace in the 15 girls which got her this ranking.

The future of BMX in Australia is an exciting one with Lilyanne Croft from Westside BMX Club coming in joint fifth with 16 Girls winner Des’ree Barnes.

Watch Croft’s race below!

Now that we have concluded the round at Nerang BMX Club, all eyes will now be turned to the fifth round at Cross Keys BMX Club in South Australia.

Entries are closing this Sunday – ENTER HERE –  unless you want to cop the late fee.