There’s going to be plenty of action on and off the track in Shepparton, including attending the Australian BMX Museum’s exhibition at the Shepparton Motor Museum.

The Australian BMX Museum has partnered with the Greater Shepparton City Council to put on an awesome exhibition at the Shepparton Motor Museum.

The exhibition is open now and features select historical items, including a section on local BMX legend and Hall of Famer Leigh Egan, a BMX Bandits display, world championships memorabilia, the Sam Willoughby medal and a great multimedia exhibit.

The Shepparton Motor Museum and Collectibles is home to up to 100 classic, heritage and muscle cars including motorcycles and vintage bicycles and entry to the BMX exhibition also allows you to see all of the other cool exhibits on hand.

Info about the Shepparton Motor Museum and Collectibles, including opening hours and entry costs, can be found HERE.

The Australian BMX Museum will also have an exhibit at the track in Shepparton, promoting the Australian BMX Hall Of Fame, the exhibition at the Motor Museum and will feature a dedicated Sam Willoughby exhibit that includes the bike he rode at the 2012 London Olympics where he won the silver medal.

They will have tickets to the 2019 Australian BMX Hall Of Fame Gala Dinner on sale (you can also buy them HERE), multimedia walls and signed Sam Willoughby memorabilia to give away throughout the week.