Move it with BMX

‘Move It’ programs are just like Ride IN2BMX events, except targeted at women, girls and parents AND we’ll pay you $500 (because we received a Grant from SportAUS) in support for your program.

Your $500  can be used for coaching services, promotion, refreshments or any other great idea you might have to get more girls, mums and dads riding bikes.

To download the Application form – CLICK HERE

So here it is and what we want you first to know is:

  1. Each approved program receives $500 – $250 paid of approval and $250 paid when you return your attendance spreadsheet.
  2. Your program must have 3 coaching sessions and attendees need to sign up for the 3 program sessions
  3. Applications are now open, so call a committee meeting, line up your coaches, work out your dates  and get started on your promotion plans!

There is only a limited amount of funding, and applications will close once all the funds have been used up.


For attendees who join up to your club after they’ve attended the three sessions of your “Move It” event, they will receive a discount of up to $20 off the entry fee for the first event they enter through the BMXA online entry system.

The discount will automatically be applied and BMXA will reimburse the Event organiser for any discount offers taken-up.

This is a limited offer and the event must be entered prior to 30.6.20 and will be closed once funding runs out.

To read more about how to apply, ideas to run your program and what you need to send to BMXA after you’ve held your program – CLICK HERE

Any queries – please contact the BMXA office on (02) 9008 1300 or email

Not sure what to do?

Contact any of the clubs below who have already become part of ‘Move it with BMX!’.

Penrith BMX Club 15/9/19 W&G NSW Kyle Paterson
Penrith BMX Club 15/9/19 P&A NSW Kyle Paterson
Ballarat Sebastopol CC BMX Club 19/10/19 W&G VIC Danielle Pompe
Mildura BMX Club 7/10/19 W&G VIC Danielle McCarthy
Southern City BMX Club 1/11/19 W&G TAS Michael Beames
Manning Valley BMX Club 12/10/19 W&G NSW Melissa Chambers
Terrigal BMX Club 18/10/19 W&G NSW Sharon Stokes
Mildura BMX Club 28/10/19 W&G VIC Rob Faux
Southake/Illawarra BMX Club 10/11/19 W&G NSW Michael Bailey
Southake/Illawarra BMX Club 10/11/19 P&A NSW Michael Bailey
Byford BMX Club 17/11/19 W&G WA Alisha Stephens
Jingili BMX Club 04/12/19 W&G NT Jacqui Dobson
Wanneroo BMX Club 12/1/20 W&G WA Jo Tock
Wanneroo BMX Club 12/1/20 P&A WA Jo Tock
Collie BMX Club 19/1/20 W&G WA Cassie McIllree
Collie BMX Club 19/1/20 P&A WA Cassie McIllree
Bayside BMX Club 02/02/20 P&A QLD Letitia Weatherhead
0402 813 362
Woorree Park BMX Club 07/2/20 W&G WA Fleur Bishop
Woorree Park BMX Club 07/2/20 P&A WA Fleur Bishop
Cooloola BMX Club 09/2/20 W&G QLD Jenny Finch
Cooloola BMX Club 09/2/20 P&A QLD Jenny Finch
Manning Valley BMX Club 15/2/20 P&A NSW Tim Lupton
0421 599 565
Hawksbury Hornets BMX Club 15/02/20 P&A NSW Charlotte Donald
0418 257 990
Casino BMX Club 16/2/20 W&G NSW Kylie Sneesby
The Cove BMX Club 22/2/20 W&G SA Malcom Lawrence
0402 084 919
Dysart BMX Club 28/2/20 W&G QLD Glen Shaw
0400 798 000
Macarthur BMX Club 29/02/20 W&G NSW Anne-Marie Moubarak
0402 218 029
Southside BMX Club 07/03/20 W&G WA Sandra WInfield
Westside BMX Club 07/03/20 W&G WA David Rapley
Hawksbury Hornets BMX Club 08/03/20 P&A NSW Charlotte Donald
0418 257 990
Blue Lake BMX Club 10/03/20 P&A SA Stephen Jones
0409 798 591
Bunbury BMX CLub 14/03/20 P&A WA Keryn Williams
0419 953 565
Bunbury BMX CLub 14/03/20 W&G WA Keryn Williams
0419 953 565
Sydney BMX Club 21/03/20 P&A NSW Adrian Topping
0413 641 343
Sydney BMX Club 21/03/20 W&G NSW Adrian Topping
0413 641 343
Northern BMX Club 18/4/20 W&G VIC Michelle Hines
Southern City BMX Club 19/4/20 P&A TAS Bronwyn Beames
0448 044 685