The national championships are upon us and BMX Victoria kicked off proceedings with their pre-nationals event over the weekend in Shepparton.

COVER PIC: Courtesy of the Shepparton BMX Club.

The new track and its 8-metre hill has had very few riders compete on it, so, what better way to get in some extra track practice before the biggest event on the Australian BMX calendar commences.

The ‘Welcome to Victoria’ had over 650 entries with many national champions making their way to the Shepparton strip to begin their title defence.

Six of Australia’s national champions made a great start to their week with a solid performance at the event and proving that they will be favourites when the nationals’ gates drop.

Alyssa Howat from the Westside BMX Club kicks off the national champions results with the 11-girl’s rider crossing the line first with the #1A firmly attached to her plate. Tea Tree’s Imogen Healy also produced a clean set of heels to win the 12-girl’s, while Ashmore’s Isabella Schramm got the job done in the 14-girl’s.

Terrigal’s Noah Elton had an impressive 2018 winning the nationals in Bunbury, before taking on the world championships and coming away with a #W6 plate. His week has gotten off to a strong start with a great win in the 13-boy’s class.

Age is but a number in BMX and Penrith’s Sandy Cameron is a testament to that. The 50+ women’s cruiser national champion not only one her cruiser category, but also won the 20-inch over the weekend as well!

We look forward to seeing the flying electrician in action this week.

 Ashlee Miller, the junior elite women’s national champion, may have only raced against two other riders in her class. But she will be happy with her win before her title defence commences on Saturday.

Looking forward to nationals is Knox BMX Club’s #2A Stephanie Alexander. The 11-girl’s rider finished second last year in Bunbury and is eager to find the top spot on the podium this year after her win in her class on Sunday.

The other winning riders from the Welcome to Victoria event are below.



  • Harrison Regan: 8-boy’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Maya Ellis: 8-girl’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Harry Rowlands: 9-boy’s (Castle Hill BMX Club)
  • Amelia Stichbury: 9-girl’s (Tuggeranong BMX Club)
  • Reegan Schafter: 10-boy’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Bailey Mills: 11-boy’s (Bayside BMX Club)
  • Zac Whalan: 12-boy’s (Tamworth BMX Club)
  • Nicole Duncan: 13-girl’s (Terrigal BMX Club)
  • Ian Orr: 14-boy’s (Jingili BMX Club)
  • Tristan Scott: 15-boy’s (Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club)
  • Julie Urben Di Giaimo: 15-girl’s (Lilydale BMX Club)
  • Patrick Bognar: 16-boy’s (Casey BMX Club)
  • Paige Harding: 16-girl’s (Castle Hill BMX Club)
  • Jayden Fox: 17-24 men’s (Happy Valley BMX Club)
  • Alyssa James: 17-24 women’s (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club)
  • Jeremy Adams: 25-29 men’s (Southside BMX Club)
  • Greg Clift: 35-39 men’s (Cross Keys BMX Club)
  • Katie Dall’Oste: 35-39 women’s (Park Orchards BMX Club)
  • David Potter: 40-44 men’s (Centenary Plains BMX Club)
  • Darren James: 45-49 men’s (Beenleigh BMX Club)
  • Rebecca Smith: 45-49 women’s (Tea Tre Gully BMX Club)
  • Brad Lane: 50+ men’s (Hills BMX Club)
  • Sandy Cameron: 50+ women’s AND 50+ women’s cruiser (Penrith BMX Club)
  • Angus Smith: 8-10 boy’s cruiser (Castle Hill BMX Club)



  • Kyarnee Young: 8-10 boy’s cruiser (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Jesse Paul: 11-12 boy’s cruiser (Gawler BMX Club)
  • Tara Fitzpatrick: 11-12 girl’s cruiser (Cross Keys BMX Club)
  • Callum Howarth: 13-14 boy’s cruiser (Nerang BMX Club)
  • Yasmin Ford: 13-14 girl’s cruiser (Jingili BMX Club)
  • Daniel Samuel: 15-16 boy’s cruiser (Sydney BMX Club)
  • Paige Guymer: 15-16 girl’s cruiser (Harbour City BMX Club)
  • Bailey Stewart: 17-24 men’s cruiser (Ballarat-Sebastopol CC BMX Club)
  • Adel Munro: 17-24 women’s cruiser (Ballarat-Sebastopol CC BMX Club)
  • Mitchell Hawkins: 30-34 men’s cruiser (Harbour City BMX Club)
  • Sheridan Pogmore: 35-39 women’s cruiser (Terrigal BMX Club)
  • John Cobby: 40-44 men’s cruiser (Cross Keys BMX Club)
  • Carolyn Rogers: 40-44 women’s cruiser (Knox BMX Club)
  • Simon Anderson: 45-49 men’s cruiser (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Rebecca Smith: 45-49 women’s cruiser (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)
  • Jason Eecen: 50+ men’s cruiser (Jingili BMX Club)
  • Brock Tuckerman: 30+ masters 20inch (Bendigo BMX Club)
  • Catherine Hopkins: 30+ women’s masters open wheel (Hills BMX Club)
  • Jamie Truran: 35+ men’s masters open wheel (Wyndham Warriors BMX Club)
  • Adam Glanville: retro 40+ (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Gemma-Lee Thomas: elite women’s (Castle Hill BMX Club)

The junior elite and elite men’s riders were also getting their taste of the track before they battle for their national titles. The Cove’s Matthew Tidswell continued his strong 2019 national series form with a clean run in the junior elite men’s final.

Joining him on the podium was New Zealand’s Tasman Wakelin in second and Woorree Park’s Corey Taylor in third.

In the elite men’s, home state rider William Lees from the Wyndham Warriors BMX Club crossed the finish line first in the final, with Jamie Gill from the Hills in second and Tyson Cobby from Cross Keys in third.

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

Below is just a taste of the national championship atmosphere. Don’t forget to tag #BMXANats19.



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