And there’s nothing more important that starting your day with a cup of liquid black gold.

Sorry Melbourne, seeya Sydney and au revoir east coast, we’re off to Western Australia for nationals next year, and the event is looking that little bit sweeter with confirmation that WA is in fact the coffee capital of the nation.

And there’s nothing more important that starting your day with a cup of liquid black gold.

After taking care of the important things for next year’s nationals at Bunbury BMX Club – travel, training, packing list, budgets etc. – the next most important item on the list will be when, where and how you can get your caffeine hit.

According to research by Nespresso, who used a sample of 1000 Australians, 28 per cent of West Aussies showed an interest in coffee compared to 23% nationally. No wonder Joey Graham was full of beans at this year’s titles in Brisbane – need we remind you of ‘that backflip’? (WATCH IT HERE).

While the study found that the coffee culture in WA extends to a keen interest in experimental blends like a ‘Shakerato’, ‘58C Magic’ or ‘Tonicpresso’, we’re not going to get too fancy. A strong hearty cuppa is all we’re after when it comes to our daily routine at the track.

For what it’s worth, the Nespresso Coffee Compendium study has given us the following guide for drinking coffee in WA:

  • 84% of people drink their coffee with milk (The other 16% are really, really tough)
  • 83% like to experiment (see above, we’ll play a straight bat)
  • 72% drink coffee at least once a day (general guide, you’ll need plenty of it at nationals)
  • 46% have coffee more than once a day (holaaaa!)
  • 43% prefer to drink their coffee in the morning (we’ll be first in line)

Did you know?

In data collected by, Finland is the top consumer of coffee in the world, with their people drinking an average 2.64 cups a day. Australia ranks 42nd.

Such is the love that the Finnish have for their coffee, it is a legal requirement that they be given an official coffee break. It’s the only place in the world with coffee legislation in place.

General rule of thumb for the 2018 national titles: Treat officials, volunteers and BMXA staff like Finnish citizens in Bunbury next March. Coffee is a necessity every day and they need a short break to consume it.

Thank you, WA, for being the coffee loving state needed to support Australia’s biggest BMX event.