Queensland’s Kiana Botfield is ready to tackle Tasmania as she pursues a second national series title for the year.

COVER PIC: Kiana Botfield competing at stage 5 of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series at The Cove BMX Club (courtesy of Get Snapt)

The penultimate stage of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series is about to commence at the Southern City BMX Club and riders of all ages and abilities from around the country are making their way there this weekend for a one-day spectacle on Saturday, September 21.

Among them is the 2019 junior elite women’s national series champion Kiana Botfield, who is hunting down another national series title this year in the women’s superclass.

The Pine Rivers rider has had an impressive 2019 with her most notable achievements including a third place in the junior elite women’s category at the national championships, and her UCI junior elite national series title which she cemented at stage 4 of the national series at Satellite City in Darwin.

“It was such a great feeling to claim the junior elite national series title,” Botfield said.

“Locking it in at Sat City and finding out that I had won was so awesome and I’m really looking forward to Tasmania.”

Now that she has the junior elite title under her belt, she is looking to stage six at Southern City where she currently sits second on the standings (697 points) behind the 2019 elite women’s national champion, Leanna Curtis (781 points).

Curtis will not be racing in Hobart, giving Botfield even more incentive to hit her straps.

“I’m really excited for the weekend because I’ve never been (to Hobart) and I’m not too sure what to expect,” Botfield said.

“I just try to rock up with a clear mind set and I don’t think too much about who is going and take things as they come.

“It feels pretty good to be sitting second on the standings. I didn’t expect that because there have been a bunch of other elites and the up-and-coming 15-16yr old’s competing who are really fast.”

There’s no denying that the Botfield and her family love the national series, evidenced by the fact that they have been to every single stage this year. For Kiana, the national series has many great attributes which she loves to be a part of.

“I love the national series,” Botfield continued.

“I guess everyone who goes is good at what they do and having that high level of riders all together is so good for competition as well as showing what Australian BMX has.”

One thing the 17-year old hasn’t experienced in this year’s national series, but will do so in Hobart this weekend, is race against her older sister Tenniele.

The pair will be lining up on the women’s superclass gate together and Kiana isn’t fazed by it.

“We don’t really have a relationship when we are on the bike,” Kiana said.

“I guess we just tell each other to go do your best and if you cut them off or whatever in a race… that’s racing.

“But we always put racing aside and encourage each other, even giving feedback when we think we need to work on something.”

With a successful 2019 steering the way, Kiana is continuing to charge for her dreams with some strong short term goals first before galloping for that ultimate stage.

“My short-term dreams are stuff like getting confident with my jumping, and I think I can do that by riding as many tracks as I can against different people with the help and support of those encouraging family and friends,” she said.

“My ultimate dream is to become an Olympian and I’m really looking forward to the world cup rounds in Australia next year.

“Making sure I get comfortable with the best riders in the world on my gate as well as getting more experience on the 8-metre and stuff like that.”