National series points are in and the standings have been set, plan your series and make sure you finish on top.

What an incredible way to start off our National Series with 606 riders entering over the weekend and competing in an epic showdown of BMX at the Penrith BMX club in NSW.

With that being said, the results are in and the standings have been set.

Championship standings: CLICK HERE
Challenge standings: CLICK HERE

Remember when looking at the standings the following will apply to those interested in taking out top spot of their national series class.

To be eligible for your title…you must ride in a minimum of three events with your overall score of points being taken from your three best results.

There are seven rounds in the National Series and are broken up as follows:

  • Rounds one, two and four are all UCI events, which means riders who contested a championship class at round one in Penrith must compete in all three UCI sanctioned events to be eligible to win.
  • Rounds three, five, six and seven will all offer Superclass, which is open to all riders 14 and above. Championship class riders from UCI events may compete in Superclass.
  • Challenge/age classes will be available at all BMXA National Series rounds.


So be smart and plan your events accordingly! Your biggest competitors may be going to events that you aren’t. Make sure that at the end of this long race you are the name on the top of the spreadsheet.

The start of BMX Australia’s 2018 National Series got off to a flyer and the reason for it is because of an outstanding race from Cailtin Jong in the 13 girls final. Travelling all the way from the Northern Territory, Jong dazzled her  competitors to win and take the top points. Check out the video below!



With the Nationals Series on your mind, entries for round two on April 21 – 22 at Frankston BMX Club is open: ENTER HERE!