Who’s atop their respective classes as we near the end of a spectacular year?

COVER PIC: Brett Barnes leading the charge at The Cove BMX Club during the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series (pic courtesy of Get Snapt).

After another batch of exciting racing during the fifth stage of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series at The Cove BMX Club last weekend, the overall standings for each class has now been updated and there are some new front runners.

The following female riders have remained on top of their classes:

  • Ivy Gilbert: 8-girl’s, 579 points (Southlake/Illawarra BMX Club)
  • Molly Williamson: 9-girl’s, 682 points (Redlands BMX Club)
  • Isla Basa: 8-10 girl’s cruiser, 588 points (Macarthur BMX Club)
  • Danielle Fleming: 13-girl’s, 772 points (Penrith BMX Club)
  • Yasmin Ford: 14-girl’s, 765 points (Jingili BMX Club)
  • Nicola Fleming: 15-girl’s, 772 points (Penrith BMX Club)
  • Paige Harding: 16-girl’s, 788 points (Castle Hill BMX Club)
  • Jessica McCormack: 17-24 women’s, 600 points (Macarthur BMX Club)
  • Letitia Weatherhead: 30+ masters women’s open wheel, 393 points AND 45-49 women’s cruiser, 400 points (Bayside BMX Club)
  • Nicole Thompson: 30-34 women’s cruiser, 200 points (Big Rivers BMX Club)
  • Rebecca Koffel: 35-39 women’s cruiser, 293 points (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Rebecca Seckold: 40-44 women’s cruiser, 400 points (Nerang BMX Club)
  • Melissa Graham: 45-49 women’s, 200 points (Northern BMX Club)

The new female front runners are:

  • Isla Basa: 10-girl’s, 554 points (Macarthur BMX Club)
  • Vada Botfield: 11-girl’s, 517 points (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Imogen Healy: 12-girl’s, 600 points (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)
  • Sienna Richmond: 11-12 girl’s cruiser, 395 points (Ballarat Sebastopol CC BMX Club)



Tied for first place in the 25-29 women’s class is Bathurst’s Hayley Wolfenden and Westside’s Kishani Green on 200, while in the 50+ women’s cruiser, Penrith’s Sandy Cameron and Pine Rivers’ Elissa Foreman are also tied on 200.

The following male riders have remained on top of their classes:

  • Harley Bradshaw: 8-boy’s, 784 points (Sydney BMX Club)
  • Jye Galloway: 9-boy’s, 743 points (Penrith BMX Club)
  • Kayden Underhill: 10-boy’s, 503 points (Castle Hill BMX Club)
  • Jake Poat: 8-10 boy’s cruiser, 672 points (Westside BMX Club)
  • Aj Donald: 12-boy’s, 726 points (Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club)
  • Hunter Boschen: 11-boy’s, 693 points (Townsville BMX Club)
  • Luke Adams: 14-boy’s, 621 points (Southside BMX Club)
  • George Boeg: 13-14 boy’s cruiser, 544 points (Eastern Goldfields BMX Club)
  • Lachlan Moore: 15-boy’s, 745 points (Maitland Tenambit BMX Club)
  • Brayden Porter: 17-24 men’s, 775 points AND 17-24 men’s cruiser, 791 points (Cross Keys BMX Club)
  • Dirk Winter: 25-29 men’s, 400 points (Suncoast Hinterland BMX Club)
  • Pierre-Jean Daudibon: 30-34 men’s, 374 points (Sydney BMX Club)
  • Eddy Galloway: 35-39 men’s, 786 points (Penrith BMX Club)
  • Adam Thomsen: 35-39 men’s cruiser, 372 points (Maitland Tenambit BMX Club)
  • Pierre Lodygensky: 40-44 men’s, 735 points AND 40-44 men’s cruiser, 758 points (Manly Warringah BMX Club)
  • Jon Dennis: 45-49 men’s, 374 points (Pine Rivers BMX Club)
  • Brett Barnes: 50+ men’s cruiser, 795 points (Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club)
  • Jacob Sverns: 30+ masters 20inch, 600 points (Knox BMX Club)

The new male front runners are:

  • Aj Donald: 11-12 boy’s cruiser, 791 points (Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club)
  • Joshua Jolly: 13-boy’s, 565 points (Knox BMX Club)
  • Rory McNamara: 16-boy’s, 737 points (Terrigal BMX Club)
  • Kane Stewart: 15-16 boy’s cruiser, 593 points (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Rudy Peressoni: 45-49 men ‘s cruiser, 393 points (Tea Tree Gully BMX Club)
  • Brett Barnes: 50+ men’s, 400 points (Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club)
  • Christopher Page: 35+ masters open wheel, 543 points (Penrith BMX Club)



Tied first in the 30-34 men’s cruiser category is Clarence Valley’s Glen Swain, Michael Carter from Jingili and Aaron Wheatland from Mildura on 200 points.

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The superclass standings have remained the same at the top of their lists.

The 2019 elite women’s national champion Leanna Curtis currently sits on 781 points with the 2019 junior elite women’s national series champion Kiana Botfield in second on 697, while finishing the top three is Batemans Bay’s Leah Hearne on 610.

Although he didn’t compete last weekend in Adelaide, Shepparton’s Hayden Fletcher remains on top of the men’s superclass on 720, while The Cove’s Shane Rosa has jumped from fourth to second to sit on 617.

Third on the list and using his dominant performances at the start of the year is Kai Sakakibara who is continuing his run in the 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.

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What will happen at the next round at the Southern City BMX Club in Hobart?