The seven-stage story has drawn to a close for 2019 – here’s what happened

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Get Snapt

Now that the final gate of the national series has dropped, it’s time to look back on the seven stages and celebrate what has been a thrilling year of racing.

Last weekend, BMXA took the time to celebrate three riders who have been some of the national series’ biggest supporters, but they weren’t alone.

Joining Yasmin, Damon and Kiana on the list are the Fleming sisters Danielle (13-girl’s) and Nicole (15-girl’s) from Penrith, who have claimed their respective national series titles.

Take a look at their best finals.


Representing Townsville was Hunter Boschen, who competed in the 11-boy’s 20inch and the 11-12 boy’s cruiser. Boschen finished second in the national series standings for both of his classes behind Geelong’s national champion Cameron Gatt.

Here’s his best final

Last on the list is Maitland Tenambit’s Zachary Moore, who banged bars with the 16-boy’s class and finished second behind Terrigal’s Rory McNamara on the standings.

One group of riders that don’t get recognised as much as some others are the participation classes. The sprockets are an integral part of the national series and houses the future of BMX in Australia.

While results aren’t recorded or recognised, their participation and efforts are and the following from each class are the riders who participated the most in their classes.

In the 5 & under boy’s sprockets, Tye Moylan from Penrith went to four stages. In the 5 & under girl’s sprockets, Lacy Robinson from Karratha went to three. In the 6-girls sprockets, Maci Lupton from Hawkesbury went to two.

The 6-boy’s sprockets had Toowoomba’s Braxton Behrendt participate at three stages while Ramsey Edwards was the pick of the bunch, participating at five stages of the national series in the 7-boy’s sprockets – a wonderful achievement.

Rounding out the sprocket honour roll is the 7-girl’s with Canberra’s Paige Cole, Penrith’s Kiara Moylan, Castle Hill’s Ivy Rowlands, and Caboolture’s Zara Begg all participating at two stages each.

The seven-stage campaign was a big expedition for riders of all ages and abilities and a total of 55 national series titles were on offer.

Of those, there are six that are recognised as the most competitive of the series and the winning riders should be acknowledged.

In the UCI C1 categories, Centenary Plains’ Joshua Boyton picked up the elite men’s, Southside’s Rachel Gaskin picked up the women’s elite, The Cove’s Matty Tidswell claimed the junior elite men’s while Pine Rivers’ Kiana Botfield took out the junior elite women’s.

Botfield had a busy year and on top of her junior elite crown she also picked up the women’s superclass. The 2018 elite men’s national champion Brandon Te Hiko needed to score highly in the final two rounds of the series and did so to win the men’s superclass.

In total, the New South Wales riders were the most successful with 28 titles, followed by Victoria (ten winners), Queensland (eight), South Australia (four), Western Australia (three) and Northern Territory (two).

To see the full 2019 national series honour roll – CLICK HERE

While BMXA have been busy with finals footage, Get Snapt (BMXA’s official photographer) has been busy behind the lens of their cameras all year. Take a look at their coverage of the national series – HERE

There you have it!

Below are the quick links to every stage and we hope to see you all at the fresh new series in 2020!


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