BMXA have introduced three new 4 month memberships – 4 Month Sprocket Rocket, 4 Month Open and 4 Month Freestyle – in order to offer members greater flexibility in participating in the sport.

COVER PIC: Riders shredding it at Cross Keys BMX Club. (pic courtesy of Get Snapt)

Want to try the sport of BMX but not sure you can commit to a whole year yet? Don’t stress, we have you covered.

Managing your budget? Prefer to commit to a smaller membership period? No worries, we have a solution.

Keen on staggering your family’s licence renewal dates across the year. Tick.

Juggling kids and sports and don’t want to lock in a 12mth licence while you’re doing other sports for half the year? What we are now offering is more flexible and financially fair.

New and existing members can now decide what suits them best and select a 4 month or 12-month licence, or any combination of terms, ensuring a simplified licence structure.

You can even continue with back-to-back 4-month licences if you like. And a 4-month licence affords the holder the same riding rights as an open licence.

The new licences mean BMXA will cease to offer Club and 4 Month Licence trials, while 12-month Mini Wheeler, Sprocket Rocket, Open, MTBA/CA upgrade, International Rider, Freestyle and Volunteer licences continue unchanged.

If you’re worried about your club or state getting a cut of the fees, we hear you. Clubs and states will receive a portion of the 4mth membership fee – in proportion with the % of open membership fees they currently receive. Everyone wins.

Take a look HERE.