The National Series is all about points and standings, but for riders chasing a spot on the Trans Tasman Junior Test Team, it meant a little bit more.  

There were many highlights on the weekend from round one of the BMX Australia National Series in Penrith on the weekend just past, and one in particular was the announcing of the Junior Trans-Tasman Test Team on Sunday.

One of the most spirited rivalries in world sport is Australia vs. New Zealand, and some of our future stars are teaming up to keep the legacy going. The BMX Trans-Tasman test series has been running for almost 26 years, and is a fantastic opportunity for our younger superstars to follow their aspirations in the sport.

With the first round of the Trans-Tasman test to be held at the NSW Pre-State Titles in June, round one of the BMXA National Series was marked as the selection event for the Aussie team. That meant it was all about the speed around the track for eligible riders in their moto’s, with the fastest four moto times for both male and females being the ticket for selection.

Many participants in this competition have gone on to become very successful in the world of BMX racing, including the likes of Sam Willoughby, Caroline Buchanan as well as Kai and Saya Sakakibara.

After winning the elite men’s final on Sunday in dramatic fashion, Kai Sakakibara was reminiscent about his time in the Junior Test Team with Sunday’s runner-up Max Cairns, and how they’ve been producing close finishes since their younger years.

“We both did the mighty 11’s and we were both on the same team”, Kai said.

“Ever since then we have been banging bars and we will be doing it for years to come.”

To check out how you or someone you know can become eligible for the team head to the article HERE.

The Junior Trans-Tasman Test Team for the event this June long weekend is as follows:

Female representatives:

Shae Archibold – The Cove BMX Club (SA)

Imogen Healy – Tea Tree Gully (SA)

Valenica Stevis – Sydney BMX Club (NSW)

Danielle Fleming – Penrith BMX Club (NSW)


Male representatives:

Steele Cherubino – Bunbury BMX Club (WA)

Trey Tuffin – Happy Valley BMX Club (WA)

Sonny Lucas – Penrith BMX Club (NSW)

Nate Cox – Lake Macquarie BMX (NSW)

After being announced on the Junior Test Team, here’s how those selected fared in the finals:

Imogen Healy was incredible in the 11 girls to take the win, and finishing close on her wheels was Valencia Stevis. Check it out below!


Shae Archibold took out the honours in the 12 girls on the weekend and produced a flawless win, while Danielle Fleming finished a cosy fourth place.


All the boys put in great performances over the weekend, with all finishing in the top 10, which is an awesome achievement and a nice addition to their speedy laps in the motos.

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