The fifth round of the national series was a resounding success.  Here are some numbers that matter.

COVER PIC: The Women’s Superclass going through the motions – What a shot! (Pic courtesy of Get Snapt)

Alongside the outstanding facilities provided by Cross Keys, the speed of the riders on track and their sheer determination to get out of the start gate and across the finish line first provided an incredible atmosphere.

Now that the standings have been updated (which you can see by clicking HERE).

First off we look at the top five fastest male and female riders from the weekend.

It’s all about speed and for the riders below, they clocked in as the fastest at Cross Keys.

Top 5 Fastest Male Riders

  1. Shane Rosa (Superclass final): 31.496 seconds
  2. Bradley Game (Superclass final): 31.885 seconds
  3. James Smith (Superclass semi-final): 32.351 seconds
  4. Oliver Moran (Superclasssemi-final): 32.591 seconds
  5. Tom Siinmaa (Superclass semi-final): 32.632 seconds

Check out the fastest lap time from the winner of the men’s superclass, Shane Rosa.

Top 5 Fastest Female Riders

  1. Ashlee Miller (Superclass final): 36.702 seconds
  2. Leanna Curtis (Superclass final): 36.832 seconds
  3. Gemma-Lee Thomas (Superclass 3rd moto): 37.156 seconds
  4. Tahlia Marsh (Superclass 3rd moto) : 37.424 seconds
  5. Leah Hearne (Superclass final) : 37.500 seconds

The two fastest women went head-to-head in the final of the superclass division and it was Castle Hill’s Ashlee Miller who produced a red hot lap to stand tall on the podium.

It is always exciting watching our up-and-coming riders develop into the talented athletes they are, and Tahlia Marsh is one of them.

Recording the fourth fastest time at the South Australian track, the 15-year-old is one to watch as we see her continue to rise up the ranks.

Getting out of the gate quickly is one of the most important aspects of BMX racing. You get that good start, you can control the race and gun it all the way to the finish line.

Below are the fastest gate starts over the weekend. Take a look!

Top 5 Fastest Male Gate Starters

  1. Shane Rosa (Superclass 2nd moto): 2.246 seconds
  2. Bradley Game (Superclass 2nd moto): 2.249 seconds
  3. Tom Siinmaa (Superclass final): 2.273 seconds
  4. James Smith (Superclass 2nd moto): 2.303 seconds
  5. Oliver Moran (Superclass final): 2.304 seconds

Top 5 Fastest Female Gate Starters

  1. Leanna Curtis (Superclass final): 2.464 seconds
  2. Ashlee Miller (Superclass final): 2.468 seconds
  3. Des’ree Barnes (Superclass 3rd moto): 2.427 seconds
  4. Lilyanne Croft (14-Girl’s final): 2.479 seconds
  5. Paige Harding (15-Girl’s 3rd moto): 2.480 seconds

Western Australia’s Lilyanne Croft had an incredible weekend, convincingly winning her 14-girl’s class and ending up in 11th place in the superclass division.

Watch her 14-girl’s final and be sure to keep an eye out for her in future showdowns.

To see more action from the fifth round of the 2018 BMXA National Series – CLICK HERE.