BMXWA’s Northwest Super Series is set to come alight as the fourth and final round of the competition is held this weekend at Hedland BMX Club.

COVER PIC: Riders at East Pilbara BMX Club celebrating BMX while competing in the Super Series. (Pic courtesy of BMXWA Facebook page)

There will be over 170 riders attending the club in WA, where the deciding round will crown the winners of the series.

The competition has produced some outstanding results beginning round one at Karratha BMX Club on May 12, then to East Pilbara on June 9, followed by Tom Price on July 28.

Speaking with the Northwest Coordinator Sam Vadala, the event has been a tremendous success with an average of 200 riders competing at every round.

“Some of the riders have had to travel over 2000km’s to attend the events and for four remote towns, the attendance is incredible,” Vadala said.

There were many representatives from the northwest area who competed at the UCI BMX World Championships in Baku. Hailing from the NW was Karratha’s Sophie Taylor (13-girl’s & 16-and-under cruiser), Nate Robinson (8-boy’s), Chloe Norman (9-girl’s), Jackson Tatham (16-boy’s and 15 & 16 boy’s cruiser) and Mat Norman (40-44 men’s cruiser) Hedland’s had Jasmine Kilmartin (16-girl’s).

Aussies are renowned for producing exciting racing and the northwest coordinator can confirm that the super series has been able to back that up.

“The races have been so close and in one of the age classes, there was a .03 second split between first and second place,” Vadala said.

Earlier in the week, we explored how the BMXA Family members never back down from a challenge and the series in WA has seen riders competing in older age groups. Even more impressive is Hedland’s Sophie Taylor who has been going up against the boy’s competition crossing the finish line first.

Alongside the competitive riders, there is always time and encouragement for our participation members and their involvement in the competition has been incredible.

“We have had about 30-40 sprocket rockets at every round of the series and they are a big part of what we do up here,” Vadala said.

Racing aside, the clubs tend to make the event their own with each putting a different spin on it making it more personal and inclusive for their respective rounds.

“The community spirit is amazing,” Vadala continued.

“East Pilbara have only been back together for the last four years and the other clubs have been established for donkey’s years. Even though we are many hours apart, we are a strong close community.”

At the conclusion of racing this weekend, the Hedland BMX Club will host a presentation dinner which is catered by a local family and who are members of the club. The winner of each class receives a trophy, a race plate and a no.1 jersey.

Good luck to all riders competing this weekend and we look forward to celebrating the winners in our weekend wrap next week.