Elite National Commissaire (ENC)

The ENC Course is for National Level Officials who wish to upgrade their skill set for appointment to national and international events within Australia. It is an advanced course and attendees are upskilled in general principles of officiating and BMX officiating specifics at a high-performance and international level.

The Course is held over 4 days with the Lead Instructor appointed by UCI.

Course Pre-Requisites

Participants must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A current accredited National Level Official
  • Have been actively officiating at a BMXA national level for a minimum of two years.
  • Hold a current BMX Australia Volunteer or Open membership
  • Hold a Working with Children Check from their State or Territory (or have completed a signed Statutory Declaration if in WA with a child in the sport) – Click here for – How to Upload your WWCC.
  • Have completed the ASC On-Line Community Officiating General Principles
  • Have completed ASADA Level 2 Anti-Doping Course (includes the pre-requisite of Level 1 Anti-Doping Course, if not already completed).
  • May have completed further self-education and development officiating courses with the Australian Sports Commission or other accredited organisations.
  • Generally, attendees will be nominated or selected to attend the ENC Course by BMXA and/or their State Association.

To become an BMXA ENC

You are required to:

  • Attend the 4-day ENC Course run by BMXA in conjunction with the UCI appointed Presenter
  • Successfully complete the ENC Course including the examination
  • Sign the BMXA Officials Code of Behaviour
  • Have a valid Working With Children Check from your State or Territory
  • Hold a current BMX Australia Volunteer or Open membership
  • Be successfully assessed for practical competency at a BMXA National Series or National Championships event

Once attained, your ENC accreditation will be valid for four years

To maintain your accreditation during this period you will be required to:

  • Officiate at 1 National Series Event per year, or
  • Officiate at 1 National Championships per year; and
  • Have a valid WWCC
  • Have a current BMXA Volunteer or Open membership


  • To be eligible to re-accredit as an ENC at the end of your 4years you will be required to show you have officiated at:
  • 1 National Series Event per year, or
  • 1 National Championships per year; and
  • You have a valid WWCC
  • You have a current BMXA Volunteer or Open membership
  • You have a signed Officials Code of Behaviour
  • Have completed one module of personal development from relevant organisations such as Play by the Rules, Australian Sports Commission (or similar ) or attend a BMXA Officials seminar if held.

For all officiating enquiries that are not answered on our website, please contact BMX Australia on 02 9008 1300 or alternatively email us at officials@bmxaustralia.com.au