National Level

This course is for State Level Officials who are interested in progressing up the BMXA Officials pathway with an expectation of progressing to a coordinating role at national level events.

Attendees are up-skilled in general principles of officiating and BMX officiating specifics at a high-performance level.

After successfully completing the theory & practical assessment, attendees will be qualified to commence developing skills to coordinate a team of officials at BMXA nationals series and national championship events in Australia.

The National Commissaires Course is conducted by BMX Australia and held, from time-to-time, in conjunction with the BMXA national championships.

Course Pre-Requisites

Nominees must:

To become a National Commissaire

Applications and/or nominations to attend a BMXA National Commissaires Course must be approved by the BMXA National Technical Committee.

Nominations will be requested from BMXA State Associations, however, the National Technical Committee reserves the right to fulfill Course vacancies should State Associations not nominate the required number of Officials.

There may be a cost to attend a National Commissaires Course.

Once nominated and approved to attend a National Commissaires Course, attendees are required to:

Practical assessment normally occurs immediately after successfully passing the on-line theory component of the National Commissaires Course and assessment is held in conjunction with the BMXA event accompanying the National Commissaires Course.

You will be upgraded to a National Commissaire

Once you have successfully completed all pre-requisites, the on-line theory and been assessed as practically competent, you will be upgraded to a National Commissaire and BMXA will issue you with a National Commissaires polo shirt.

Your National Commissaire’s accreditation is valid for four years.

Maintaining and re-accrediting your National Commissaires accreditation.

During your 4-year period of accreditation you are required to officiate at national level events, maintain your WWCC and your BMXA membership.

At the end of your 4-year period you will be assessed to determine if you have met re-accreditation criteria.

For the National Commissaires re-accreditation criteria – CLICK HERE

 For all officiating enquiries that are not answered on our website, please contact BMX Australia on 02 9008 1300 or alternatively email us at