Club Officials Re-Accreditation

To renew your Club Official accreditation at the end of your 4-year period, you will be required to:

  • Have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) from your State or Territory.
  • Have a current BMXA Volunteer or Open membership

Please familiarise yourself with the BMXA Officials Manual prior to taking the online quiz – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

State, National and ENC Officials General Re-Accreditation Requirements 

Re-accreditation for State, National and ENC officials is required every 4 years.

State Officials whose re-accreditation is falling due in the upcoming year will be assessed by BMXA in conjunction with their State Association to determine if they have met their four-year officiating requirements.

National Officials will be contacted by BMXA.

Which Events meet Officiating re-accreditation requirements?

The BMXA Australian Rule Book (ARB) Event Sanctioning Matrix lists the classification of events held at Club, State and National level.

The categories include:

  • C = Club
  • R = Regional event
  • S = State/Territory Series, State/Territory Open
  • ST = State/Territory Championships
  • CN = National Championships
  • NS  = National Series

For the BMXA Event Sanctioning Matrix – CLICK HERE

Events which are (C) events ie an event held within a BMX club such as Club Championships/Series/Inter-Club (max 3 clubs) do not meet criteria for State, National or ENC re-accreditation.

Events which meet State, National and ENC re-accreditation requirements are listed under the re-accreditation criteria for each level of official below.

Recording of State, National and ENC Officiating 

Officials who officiate at (R) level events and above, must have their officiating recorded on their BMXA member profile.

BMXA will use the events recorded in your members profile to determine if you have met the officiating re-accreditation requirement.

After you have officiated at an event, please check that your officiating has been recorded by logging into your BMXA member profile and clicking on the coach/officials tab across the top.

If after 30-days, your officiating role is not recorded, please contact your State Association and ask them to update your officiating.

For all officiating enquiries that are not answered on our website, please email us at

Re-Accreditation Criteria for: