On the twelfth day of BMXmas… The 2019 Nationals are only 146 days away!

Merry Christmas!

The countdown is on for the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Championships at Shepparton BMX Club in Victoria!

The track is in its final stages of completion and will be ready to go when the rest of Australia descends on May 20.

Entries are still open so get cracking – HERE

We will see you there.

On the eleventh day of BMXmas… Gary Pettett and Michelle Darker were named Officials of the Year!

There is no denying that Australia has some serious talent behind the bars of a BMX bike. What people might not know is that we also have the best volunteers in the world!

BMX relies heavily on the service of their officials. The time, effort and dedication that Gary Pettett and Michelle Darker have delivered to their role is only two examples of many individuals who deserve this recognition.

During the presentation of BMXA’s 2018 National Championships at Bunbury BMX Club, Pettett and Darker received recognition for their efforts and were aptly named the 2018 Officials of the Year!

Take a look at their video below.

On the tenth day of BMXmas… Erin Lockwood became Australia’s female elite national champion!

Winners are definitely grinners and the Lockwood’s were all smiles after Erin crossed the line first in an incredible final at the national championships in Bunbury.

Debbie ‘Possum’ Lockwood is a well known BMX mum throughout Queensland and beyond and the image below was captured only moments after Erin’s achievement.

Congratulations Erin and we can’t wait to see you defend your title in 2019!

On the ninth day of BMXmas… Brandon Te Hiko became Australia’s male elite national champion!

There were so many amazing stories from the 2018 BMXA National Championships at Bunbury BMX Club, WA. One in particular is that of Brandon Te Hiko from Geelong BMX Club.

After a dazzling race, Te Hiko crossed the finish line first to become Australia’s male elite national champion!

The image below captures his emotions after realising he successful obtained the top of the podium.

On the eighth day of BMXmas… Oliver Moran won the men’s superclass!

Oliver Moran from Manning Valley BMX Club has had a pretty special year. Alongside winning the 16-boy’s class, Moran has also been competing in the men’s superclass.

The beauty of the national series is that you don’t need to come first to be competitive. Consistency, commitment and an enthusiasm for BMX is all you need.

Exciting times lay ahead for Moran and we can’t wait to see what he gets up to next. Check out his race from Satellite City below.

On the seventh day of BMXmas… Leanna Curtis won the women’s superclass!

The newly revamped BMXA national series has been a resounding success. Even though there have been some changes, some things have stayed the same…. the racing of course!

The action on track has never faltered throughout the year and one rider who has taken full advantage of it is Leanna Curtis from Southlake/Illawarra BMX Club.

Curtis has had a special 2018 and winning the women’s superclass is the cherry on top. Take a look at one of her races below!

On the sixth day of BMXmas… THAT race happened!!

Throughout 2018, there have been tonnes and tonnes of exciting, jaw-dropping racing but there is one that stands out above the rest.

The first round of the 2018 BMXA BAD BOY National Series had riders from around the country compete at the Penrith BMX Club in NSW.

Concluding the day was the men’s elite final. We could explain what happened, but it is easier to just show you. WATCH BELOW!

Jaw-dropping right?

If you want to check out more action from the national series, head to our YouTube page – HERE!

On the fifth day of BMXmas… Saya Sakakibara wins first gold medal in the final round of the 2018 world cup!

There is no denying that Saya Sakakibara is making a name for herself on the BMX circuit and the world is well aware of it. The 19-year old has had an incredible 2018 and topping it off was her success in the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.

In the final round, Sakakibara took on the likes of Alise Willoughby and Laura Smulders (former and current world champions) and beat them home in a dazzling finish.

In doing so, the Southlake/Illawarra rider finished second on the overall podium ensuring that she is a force to be reckoned with in the future.

To see the full report and watch the race – CLICK HERE

On the fourth day of BMXmas… Tucker wins sixth consecutive world title!

Thomas Tucker is one of Australia’s most exciting prospects and the world knows it. Time and time again, Tucker has competed against the rest of the world and has taken the chocolates with determination and skill.

2018 has been no different for the 13-year old as he and a large contingent of Aussies came home with a gold, silver or bronze. Read the full report – HERE

On the third day of BMXmas… Jack Davis doubles down at Grands!!!

Taking on the USA riders on their home dirt, Tamworth’s Jack Davis and a smorgasbord of Aussies returned home with their suitcases full of trophies… how they fitted them in is still a mystery.

Davis won gold in 16-boy’s expert class and also got the job done in the 15-16 open. For a full report on the 2018 USA Grands – CLICK HERE

On the second day of BMXmas… Kira Hill and Tahlia Marsh won NextGen scholarships.

Kira Hill and Tahlia Marsh have had an incredible 2018. A major part of it were the special scholarships Caroline Buchanan’s NextGen program awarded them at the 2018 BMXA National Championships in Bunbury, WA.

The pair both received a cheque for $3,000 assisting in their dreams of achieving BMX greatness. Keep your eyes peeled on these two very special riders.

On the first day of BMXmas…. The Flying Electrician and the Lethal Weapon battled it out at Tuggeranong.

Penrith’s Sandy Cameron and Sydney’s Melanie Gibson have a long standing rivalry. The pair have competed on the state, national and international stage and the only thing stronger than their competitiveness is their friendship.

We look forward to seeing the pair bang bars once again in 2019 as the first stop on the calendar is at the Lethal Weapons home track in the Sydney Olympic Park.

Check out their story below.