Due to the location of the Launceston BMX Club, parking is limited for those attending.

With nationals under three weeks away, it’s important the BMXA community is prepared and ready for everything on the track as well as everything off the track.

At this year’s national championships, parking is strictly limited due to the nature of the venue, thus there is no general public parking on-site.

All parking for spectators and riders will be on the streets surrounding the track.

It is suggested that all riders and spectators arrive earlier than you usually would in order to get a park closer to the track.

On top of this, opting to carpool or getting dropped off will reduce traffic in the area. There will be dedicated drop off pick up area that people can utilize at the venue.

As the areas surrounding the track are residential, please be mindful with noise and make sure you obey all traffic rules in the surrounding streets. BMXA will not be responsible for any traffic or parking infringements.

A map of the venue and areas to park will be posted next week.

For all information surrounding nationals – CLICK HERE.