Racing the last three rounds, Shannon Petre has never missed a beat let alone a moto. What’s in stall for the fourth round?

COVER PIC: Petre riding through the motions of the 2018 BMXA National Series.

If her successful 2017 season is anything to go by, Shannon Petre’s 2018 is continuing to dazzle as the fourth round of the BMXA National Series looks to descend on Nerang BMX Club this weekend July 21-22.

Petre’s form sees her atop the leader board for the 15-girl’s class in the national series, but clipping at her heels is NSW rider Paige Harding. However it isn’t just the national series where Petre has claimed the top step, she also sewed up the national championship for her class this year.

“I’m feeling really good at the moment, I’ve had a clean sweep in all my motos and mains for the first three rounds so far and I’m going into this weekend’s round a lot more relaxed with less pressure,” Petre explained.

Despite a litany of strong results, Petre didn’t attend this year’s UCI BMX World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan due to a shoulder injury, which will be operated on following September’s 2018 BMX Queensland State Titles.

“I sadly didn’t go to worlds because of this operation I’m having, so there hasn’t been much international travel this year, but I’ve been racing where I can and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Banging bars with Petre throughout the entire 2018 season has been Castle Hill BMX Club rider Harding.

Although both riders present a fierce competitor to the other on track, their rivalry has been a longstanding relationship that Petre relishes and admires.

“We have been racing against each other since I can remember,” Petre continued.

“It’s always great to have someone there to push you and even though I’ve won the first few rounds, Paige has been a constant competitor letting me know that if I mess up, she’s right there to take advantage.”

The contest between the two up-and-coming riders was evidenced at the second round of the national series at Frankston BMX Club, VIC. And just for good measure, a strong Mikayla Perkins from Jingili BMX Club threw her hat in the ring too. Check out that final below.

Hailing from Cairns BMX Club, Petre looks to Nerang as a second home and is eagerly awaiting another chance to return to the Gold Coast.

“I love Nerang, it’s such a great track and club especially with Debbie Lockwood down there,” smiled Petre.

Looking back at Petre’s past two seasons, it is easy to see why she is one to watch. From claiming a scholarship with Buchanan Next Gen, to riding into the final at the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, USA and now her strong 2018 Aussie season, Petre is making the most of her BMX journey.

“These last two years have been amazing, I’ve seen a lot of improvement in myself and to see my goals achieved is a great feeling.”

“I haven’t got many races left this year, but next year I will be looking to go to nationals and worlds, as it is my last year as an age rider. It’s going to be a big year,” Petre concludes.

One thing that is certain, is that the 15-years class will be one to watch in Nerang this weekend as Petre, Harding and the rest of the competitive field prepare to duke it out.

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