What better time to make your run for the top of the 2018 National Series standings than on your home track.

COVER PIC: Porter gunning it through the Sleeman track at the 2017 BMXA National Championships. (Pic courtesy of Medal Shots)

Cross Keys’ rider Brayden Porter is currently sitting third on the overall standings in the 17-24 men’s challenge class and is eager to lay down some serious heat when the rest of the country comes to his club this weekend.

The fifth stop of the seven round series will have 384 riders all gunning for valuable points as we continue to draw closer to the final straight of the competition.

Porter has been giving every second of his spare time to the track as this weekend may be the decider for his class.

“I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. I’ve been spending around 10 hours a week at the track. I know it well and I know what I have to do,” Porter said.

His hard work on the track is understandable as his rivals throughout the series are serious competitors who are equally up to the task.

Sunbury BMX Club rider James Lautier has been notching together some strong victories in 2018, with his highlight reel taking him to the World Championships in Baku where he claimed a silver medal in the 17-24 men’s cruiser class.

Bunbury’s Matthew Blake will be the other rider on Porter’s radar as the pair have been banging bars throughout the series. Take a look at their most recent bout below from Satellite City.

Knowing his competition for this weekend, Porter’s confidence on his home track might be the deciding factor when the gates begin to drop on Saturday.

“I’m definitely more confident being on my home track which will give me a small advantage. It will still be hard to knock those guys off, but you never know what happens in BMX.”

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There is a lot of time waiting as a rider when you queue in the marshalling area, before moving up in the line towards the start gate. Lots of thoughts must course through a rider’s mind before the “riders ready” is heard.

“Normally I just focus on that first beep. I listen out and try to keep a clear head space and focus on getting a good start.”

Competing in the 17-24 men’s class, Porter has had the choice of taking on the best riders in Australia by joining the elite men’s category. But he is perfectly content taking on his fellow challenge riders, expressing that the racing part isn’t the be-all-end-all.

“I think that there is a great social aspect in the challenge class. I prefer the racing and I still have heaps of fun. I think the age class is all about having fun.”

A former member of Tea Tree Valley BMX Club, Porter is currently in his twelfth year as a BMX racer and his reason for loving the sport is pretty similar to many of our other members.

“The best thing about the sport is that you can have a good laugh and still be competitive with it. Being with your mates is always good fun,” Porter said.

Porter’s 2018 season has had many highlights, with him travelling to Penrith, Frankston and Satellite City  for the national series as well as competing in the 2018 National Championships at Bunbury.

“I’ve really enjoyed the national series so far. There are more tracks this time and it’s good because I got to go to the NT and experience Darwin for the first time,” Porter explained.

“I think the thing I’m most proud about this year is getting the #3A plate in the 17-24 men’s cruiser, although my ultimate goal would be to get the national title… one day.”

Cross Keys will play host to the second round of the superclass events which will have riders from a wide range of ages going head-to-head. In fact, the remaining rounds of the national series will all feature superclass alongside the challenge classes.

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This round will give 155 riders from South Australia the chance to take on some of the best in the country on their home dirt and they are more than ready for the challenge.

For more information on the event CLICK HERE.

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