I recently attended both the BMXWA State Titles at Southside BMX Club in Perth and the BMXNT State Titles at The Satellite City complex in Darwin.

I recently attended both the BMXWA State Titles at Southside BMX Club in Perth and the BMXNT State Titles at The Satellite City complex in Darwin.

The reason for the trip was mostly just to catch up with states, clubs and members whom I don’t get to talk to very often and who don’t get the opportunity to bend my ear as often as they should.

Southside is a really nice, smallish, complex in residential Perth. It’s a great fun track with a really good atmosphere and a great bunch of people. Perfect racing for all ages and it was a smoothly run event, no small feat considering it was the biggest state titles on record (or something along those lines). Whatever the numbers, the turnout looked as huge as the smiles on the faces of riders…that’s a really big credit to all involved.

With the added trip to Darwin, I finally completed my journey to all states in Australia. It’s only taken me 56 years to get there!

The NT State Titles were hosted by Satellite City BMX Club, at their impressive Spanlift Stadium venue, a track with a roof over it. Most people would have heard about the roof. It’s very impressive.

What I hadn’t heard about was the fantastic track they’ve built under that roof. Yes, it’s big with an 8-metre and 5-metre Hill, but the track was the major surprise. It flows beautifully, and riders of all ages were able to hold very impressive speed all the way round the track producing a lot of really close finishes.

The people in both the NT and WA were fantastic, and made me feel really welcome and comfortable just to wander through the crowd. It allowed me to relax and chat to people about all matters BMX.

I can’t wait to see the National Series at Satellite City, that should be a lot of fun. At the moment, they have dirt corners, but that is likely change before the series gets there. The nostalgic side of me actually loved watching riders negotiate the dirt corners. It’s easy to see who has the bike skills, and remembers how to ride employ them!

Unfortunately, there was a downside to a weekend spent crossing the country for BMX. Between Qantas and Sydney’s CityRail, there was some sort of conspiracy in place to make sure I didn’t get home in time to see my wife, and wish her a happy anniversary (wedding anniversaries sometimes get forgotten and sometimes take a back seat to BMX). I’m just lucky to have a very, very understanding wife.

While I didn’t get to the Queensland titles due to flights being turned back, I attended the NSW titles recently and witnessed another very smooth professionally run event which I’ve come to expect from my home state. The Macarthur track provided really close exciting racing and is one of the best ‘venues’ around.

That leaves South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria left to go for their state titles over the coming weekends. The I will be freeing up some weekends and can get back to house painting (my second favourite sport after BMX, watching it dry is almost as good as those dirt corners in Darwin).

It’s been really great to see our sport at such a high level across the country, and that encourages me that we are heading in the right direction. We have a really solid base on which to build more great events across the country, to deliver our riders an event that matches their rapidly improving talent.

Just a few more flights to go this year.


Neil Cameron