The inaugural Pro Spectacular at the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Championships will provide an awesome opportunity for sprockets to meet and partner with a superclass rider. Who is partnered with who?

The random draw has taken place and the sprockets have been partnered with the superclass rider named alongside them below. Some sprockets are lucky enough to have two superclass chances!

Sprockets and their superclass mentors can meet at staging at 1230pm tomorrow (Wednesday 22/5), before the older riders have a practice session available from 1pm until 130pm. Racing then starts at 145pm.

If a sprocket’s superclass buddy makes it to the final, the pair of them will ride the track together following that final. This will also be an opportunity for photos and autographs, so mums and dads will want to have their cameras and phones at the ready.

The sprocket whose buddy wins the elite men’s and women’s Pro Spectacular final will also win a prize pack from BMX Australia.

Good luck to everyone involved!

Sprocket Superclass Rider
Lucas Baldock Harry Phillips
Braxton Behrendt Armande Oringo
Jarrah Benning Antonio Bellotti & Brandon Te Hiko
Jovie Benning Kiana Botfield
Ryder Brooks Josh Callan
Rhys Brown Alex Cameron & James Smith
Koby Brunton Kyle Hill & Logan Whitehead
Archer Buggy Joseph Costa & Marcus Wigg
Chase Cameron Josh Boyton & Matthew Tidswell
Linkoln Casey Tristyn Kronk & Nathan Seal
Bodhi Cattonar Nathan Glab & Shane Rosa
Paige Cole Courtney Stevenson & Tasman Wakelin
Carter Craig Corey Taylor
Tomas Crotty Tyson Cobby
Eva Cylley Rachel Gaskin
Jude Daff TJ Asmus
Esther Daff Des'Ree Barnes
Ryder Evans Izaac Kennedy
Ryley Free Jesse Asmus
Matthew Gill Joel Flower
Adelle Hanna Sara Jones
Zayne Hawkins Matthew Blake
Mylarnee Hawkins Leanna Curtis
Jackson Jones Matt Krasevskis
Hunter Lean Nathaniel Rodway
Stefania Lentini Wade Mundie
Aston Longbottom Jye Hombsch
Maci Lupton Aidan Nemet
Piper McDonald Annaliese Rokov
Oscar Nowlan Harrison Craig
Luke Patroni Matthew Fox
Diesel Petz Caleb Datson
Leo Richardson Kyle Green
Zayne Roberts Jack Davis
Joey Rogers Bradley Game
Montana Rogers Shantelle Rea
Ivy Rowlands Ashleigh Gunn
Joshua Scarth Ben Bullin Aslin
Penny Simmonds Ellie Ascoli
Penny Sneesby Andy Hughes
Lucas Sturzaker Oliver Moran
Lincoln Taylor Max Cairns
Ellie Thompson Gemma Lee Thomas
Zak Verpoorten Kyah Elburn-Tabone
Brody Willmott Hayden Fletcher
Kimberley Zetter Ashlee Miller
Flynn Bursle Aston Wypych-Coles
Ty Moylan Dylan Rush