Get in contact with ProLab Projects and get some cracking photos for yourself!

Managing Director of ProLab Projects, Stephanie Comelli, was out and about at our 2018 National Series at Frankston BMX Club telling the story of the weekend through thousands and thousands of pictures.

Founded in 2017, Comelli has brought a fresh set of eyes to the track and has used those eyes to produce some outstanding images.

To see the uploaded images so far – CLICK HERE

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The Melbournite founded Prolab Projects last year while working on a personal project named @she.scores, which champions women in sport.

That project has been solely focused on AFLW for past few years. However, it led to the creation of Prolab when football players began to approach Comelli with the need for photo work of their ‘out of footy’ ventures. The idea was that Prolab could assist players in creating content for their brands.

The common denominator in all of Comelli’s work is one thing – a passion for all aspects of sport, be it the action, lifestyle or spectacle of competition…and BMX, is not short of spectacular footage!

Alongside our fantastic images from ProLab, we also put together a score of highlights, stories and more on our YouTube Playlist. To see those videos – CLICK HERE.