Home track advantage is pretty handy to have and the riders from the Gold Coast didn’t miss the opportunity.

COVER PIC: Queensland’s Letitia Weather doing business on home state soil in round four of the national series. (Pic courtesy of MadB Photography)

The fifth round of the 2018 BMX Australia National Series is around the corner. After having such a successful fourth round at Nerang BMX Club on the Gold Coast, it is now time for the South Australian club of Cross Keys to keep the momentum of this brand new national series going… full steam ahead!

With that being said, the schedule for the weekend in Adelaide has been released. To find it you can CLICK HERE!

For you South Australian riders, this is your chance to stamp your mark on the 2018 season as the rest of the country joins you in a battle for points on your home turf.

The UCI rounds may be over, but the challenge points are still on offer and for you budding riders eager to take on superclass events, this is your time.

There were close to 500 riders racing on the Gold Coast and of those 500 there was 254 Queenslanders who put on a fierce display and collected top results.

Those riders turned up to show every other contender whose boss on the round of the national series their state hosted.

With more than half the competitors flying the flag for the sunshine state across 42 competitive classes, 23 of those classes had a Queenslander claim their spot on the top of the podium.

To make it clearer for you, those 23 wins came from 19 riders who came away with a taste of glory… and four riders got a double dosage.

There is no denying that there is an advantage to racing on familiar territory. For the four riders to pick up a pair of wins they made the most of the opportunity

  • Letitia Weatherhead: 30+ Masters + 45-49 Cruiser women – Bayside BMX Club
  • Thomas Tucker: 13 boys + 13-14 Boys cruiser – Pine Rivers BMX Club
  • Joe Tate: 40-44 men + 40-44 cruiser men – Redlands BMX Club
  • Teya Rufus: 12 girls + 13-14 cruiser girls – Maryborough BMX Club

Equally impressive are the four riders who won line honours on their home track, taking on fellow club members as well as tough competitors from interstate.

For those Nerang club riders; Abi Asmus (11 girl’s), Kira Hill (14 girl’s), Tyson Kenny (14 boy’s) and Jesse Asmus (15 boy’s) – it was just like a regular gate night.

Don’t believe us?

Abi Asmus
No one saw Abi Asmus on the first straight, but after coming out of the first berm… she was the one to beat. Take look!

Kira Hill
A stellar race from the world no.1 as she kept close to the front runner before producing a sneaky pass on the final corner.

Tyson Kenny
Leading from the gate, Tyson Kenny was the man to beat and no one could keep up with his pace all day.

Jesse Asmus
Similar to her sister, Jesse did what needed to be done and was clinical in his motos and the final. 

This clever racing is no coincidence and you can see more of the action by CLICKING HERE and for you SA riders, that could be you!

Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to take on the rest of Australia in your home state.

Entries are closing this Sunday July 29 at 11pm AEST – to enter CLICK HERE!

To see the current standings for the Superclass and the Challenge classes.

Superclass: CLICK HERE

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